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The numbers behind Ansu Fati's contract renewal offer

Pin Ansu Fati would earn a million euros if he joins Barcelona's first team. EFE
Ansu Fati would earn a million euros if he joins Barcelona's first team. EFE

The numbers behind Ansu Fati's contract renewal offer

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Ansu Fati, the name on everyone's lips in Barcelona, already has a contract renewal offer on the table. The 16-year-old footballer, who has shone in his first minutes with the Blaugrana shirt, is very close to confirming his permanent ties to the Catalan club... and 'Catalunya Radio' has now published the figures behind the club's contract renewal offer.

He stunned everyone with two goals and an assist in three games. Logically, Barcelona does not want its star to be tempted by any offer that may come from other European giants, which is why they are already preparing the contract renewal to solidify their links with the promising youngster.

According to 'Cataluyna Radio', the footballer will sign a five-year contract renewal with a 700,000 euro bonus; from then on, his salary will vary.

Ansu Fati will be earning 300,000 euros a year if he continues in Barça's B team, but if he 'skips' that stage and Valverde considers that he is ready to officially join the main squad, his salary will increase significantly. However, although his performances have been stellar and have certainly created some buzz, there are still doubts whether his switch to the big leagues is permanent or not. 

If he remains with Messi, Suárez, and company, Ansu Fati will go on to receive million euros. This is a very common salary within elite football teams... but it is not usually offered to players at such a young ageRenovación de Ansu Fati

In addition, the Barcelona jewel will also ensure an automatic salary increase of 250,000 euros in his first three seasons; if he signs and becomes a first-team player, he would be earning 1.75 million euros by 2022 (if not renewed again before reaching that date).

Meanwhile, Ansu Fati has already set his sights on the Champions League. The forward traveled to Dortmund and given his recent performances, seeing him on the Signal Iduna Park pitch would not come as a surprise. His goal: to make history in Europe after becoming the youngest player to score a goal in LaLiga for Barcelona.



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