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Barcelona v Sevilla - as it happened

Paul Singh 1 month ago 12.4k
Barcelona v Sevilla, Copa del Rey 2020/21, semi-final 2nd leg, - Official line-ups. BESOCCER
Barcelona v Sevilla, Copa del Rey 2020/21, semi-final 2nd leg, - Official line-ups. BESOCCER
Join us for live coverage of the Copa del Rey semi-final second leg clash between Barcelona and Sevilla from the Camp Nou. Sevilla won the first leg 2-0 so the Catalans need two goals to force extra-time and four to win if Sevilla score.

Summary of goalscorers

1 - 0
2 - 0
3 - 0
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    AET: Barcelona 3-0 (10) Sevilla!!! (agg 3-2)!! Barca go through in dramatic fashion thanks to goals from Dembele, Pique and then Braithwaite in ET!!! Barca were the better team overall and deserved it, but Ocampos saw a pen saved at 1-0 and then D Carlos stupidly didn't let the ball go out for another corner. That cost Sevilla, who were then playing with 10 as Fernando was sent off. Barca were comfortable in ET bar the penalty shout.
End of match

End of match

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    Barca keep the ball and it's full time!!
  • 120'
    One added minute.

Yellow card

a Barcelona
  • 119'
    Trincao is booked for a clear challenge.
  • 119'
    Kounde!!! He goes for goal and it's simple for Ter Stegen.
  • 117'
    Rekik's cross in looks for Kounde and he can't reach it.
  • 115'
    A Trincao shot takes a deflection and goes for a corner.
  • 114'
    Gomez makes a foul and Barca are running out the clock.
  • 111'
    D Carlos fouls Braithwaite and it's a free-kick.
  • 108'
    Pique has picked up a knee injury here and he won't carry on.
  • 106'
    Barca sub: Munir on for Jordan.
  • 106'
    Second period of extra-time is underway!
  • 105'
    Sevilla aren't happy, but the fact Lenglet deliberately played the ball with his chest meant it's not a penalty even though it hits his arm afterwards. The officials have made the right decision.
  • 105'
    HT in ET: Barca 3-0 Sevilla (agg 3-2). 15 minutes left and Sevilla aren't happy with the ref.
  • 105'
    105+1: One added minute.
  • 105'
    Barca attack and Vaclik makes a good save.
  • 102'
    L de Jong is sent off on the bench. Sevilla still have 10.
  • 101'
    The Sevilla fitness trainer is sent off for arguing.

Yellow card

a Sevilla
  • 101'
    En-Nesyri is booked for arguing.

Yellow card

a Sevilla
  • 101'
    Kounde is booked for protesting.
  • 99'
    Jordan is booked.
  • 99'
    Huge penalty shout by Sevilla and the ball touches Lenglet's arm. His arm is out and this couild be given.
  • 99'
    Messi hits one now and it's saved by Ter Stegen.
  • 98'
    Another Barca shot is blocked and it's very open now as Sevilla are throwing men forward.
  • 97'
    Sevilla go forward, but it comes to nothing.
  • 96'
    Now we can't have penalties. Barca are going through as it stands, but 10 man Sevilla go through if they score. I've always found it unfair that away goals count after ET, but there we are.
de Barcelona en el 95'
  • 95'
    Braithwaite makes it 3-0!!!! A ball into the box by Alba is headed by Braithwaite from six yard and even though Vaclik gets his body to it, he can't keep it out.
  • 94'
    Sevilla's best chance now is penalties.
  • 94'
    Junior hits one now and it's saved by Vaclik.
  • 92'
    Barca deserved the goal but Sevilla only had themselves to blame. The Ocampos penalty miss, Fernando's red and D Carlos not letting the ball go out.
  • 92'
    Messi send a ball into the box and it's knocked behind for a corner.
  • 91'
    Extra-time in play!
  • 90'
    End of regulation!! Barca 2-0 (10) Sevilla (agg 2-2)! We're going to ET!
  • 90'
    90+5: The goal stands and we have ET!! Why did Carlos not let the ball go out??
de Barcelona en el 90'
  • 90'
    90+4: Pique scores for Barca, but did the ball go out??? The corner comes in, the ball is touched by a Sevilla man, the ball goes up in the air, Carlos heads away instead of letting the ball go out, Griezmann's cross in is headed by Pique and it goes to ET!!!
  • 90'
    90+3: Messi's free-kick hits the wall and it's a corner.
  • 90'
    90+2: That was a stupid thing to do. He will regret that if Barca score.

Second yellow card

a Sevilla
  • 90'
    90+2: Sevilla counter, but the move breaks down and then Trincao is pulled back just outside the box and Fernando sees yellow! That's his second and he's off. Clear.
  • 90'
    90+1: Four added minutes. There's no way Barca deserve to be losing this tie. Sevilla have just taken their chances (apart from the pen).
  • 90'
    Free-kick to Sevilla after Vaclik is blocked off by Barca men. Sevilla wanted the advantage playing.
  • 90'
    Trincao's ball in goes for a corner.
  • 89'
    Barca double sub: Trincao and Braithewaite on for Pedri and Dembele.
  • 89'
    The ball struck Ocampos on the arm, but he was sliding and it wasn't a pen.
  • 88'
    Another ball in, Pedri sends a looping header into Vaclik's hands.
  • 86'
    Huge penalty shout for handball by Barca!!! But it's not given!! Ocampos has a shot blocked and then at the other end, Messis powerful effort is blocked by a sliding Sevilla man! It's a Barca siege!!
  • 84'
    Dembele hits one and it flies over. He seems to have pulled a muscle. Not good.
  • 82'
    This is a huge 10 minutes in Barca's season. Is the pen save a sign of things to come?
  • 82'
    One of Lopetegui's assistants has picked up a yellow for getting a bit too vocal on the touchline.
  • 79'
    Sevilla sub: Gomez on for Suso.
  • 78'
    Barca double sub: Ilaix on for Busquets. Junior on for Mingueza as well.
  • 78'
    It's taken short to Pedri, play continues and then Messi can't direct the shot towards goal.
  • 77'
    Dembele is brought down just outside the box.
  • 74'
    It's possibly the worst penalty Ocampos has ever taken. He's normally as safe as houses! Barca would have needed 3 to win, now just 1 for ET.
  • 73'
    Ocampos takes and it's saved by Ter Stegen!!! Can you believe it!!! I have to say it's an awful penalty. It's in the middle, very low and Ter Stegen only has to move slightly to his right.
  • 71'
    Penalty to Sevilla after Mingueza brings down Ocampos! En-Nesyri counters for Sevilla and it's a clear pen. Barca will need 3 more if it's scored and this is a huge moment.
  • 70'
    Just 20 minutes left and some Barca frustration is starting to show.
  • 69'
    Alba is penalised for handball. It's accidental after the ball hit Navas' foot, but it's handball.
  • 68'
    Barca have been the much better side over the two games, but they are still losing.

Yellow card

a Barcelona
  • 67'
    Mingueza sees yellow for a very cynical foul.
  • 67'
    Off the bar by Alba!!! Barca go forward and Alba volleys Dembele's pass against the bar!
  • 66'
    Dembele's cross in is only half cleared and Sevilla finally scramble it away.
  • 65'
    Sevilla have conceded just one goal in the Copa del Rey this season and that was the goal Dembele scored in the first half.
  • 64'
    Free-kick to Barca after Messi is fouled.
  • 63'
    Barca sub: Griezmann on for Dest. Koeman putting another striker on as they need a goal. No surprises there.
  • 62'
    Sevilla sub: Torres is replaced by Ocampos and it's great to see him back after that shocking challenge by Djene.
  • 59'
    Barca are attacking, but not looking as dangerous. The next goal is huge.
  • 56'
    A reminder that the final is in Sevilla, but not at their ground.
  • 54'
    Sevilla triple sub: Rakitic, Navas and Rekik on for Vidal, Acuna and L de Jong off.


en Sevilla
  • 53'
    Vidal has pulled something as he tried to stop Pedri.
  • 52'
    Pedri gets into the area now from this near side and Sevilla clear again. Sevilla's right is being targeted.
  • 51'
    Barca go down this near side and Carlos knocks out for a corner.
  • 50'
    Sevilla counter again and Mingueza gets it away. Sevilla are finding more openings on counter now.
  • 48'
    Sevilla chance! Alba is dispossessed, Vidal counters for Sevilla, Torres is given the ball and his cross is cut out! He could have shot himself.
  • 46'
    Back underway here!
  • 45'
    HT: Barca 1-0 Sevilla (agg 1-2)!! Half-time at the Camp Nou and Barca deservedly lead thanks to a Dembele stunner after 12 minutes. The hosts could have scored three or four times before that and Sevilla have done little before that. Acuna had to clear off the line in the 33rd minute to prevent it being 2-0, but the last 10 minutes were quieter. Barca need 1 for ET. Back shortly!
  • 44'
    Messi has the ball and runs towards the box, but then goes sideways and that gives time for Sevilla to get set and stop him.
  • 42'
    Free-kick to Sevilla after a late challenge by Dest and the American could've easily seen yellow.
  • 41'
    Alba gets a corner for the home side now.
  • 39'
    Barca go forward and Messi sees a long range shot blocked.

Yellow card

a Sevilla
  • 37'
    Fernando has his name taken for a late challenge on Busquets.
  • 36'
    Jorda pulls back Messi 30 yards from goal and it's a free-kick.
  • 33'
    Off the line by Acuna!! It's a matter of time before it's 2-0!!! Messi cuts inside in the area, his pass is deflected towards goal by Fernando and Acuna boots it away.
  • 32'
    Pedri!!! Barca are pressing and pressing, a run by Messi, Busquets lays the ball off to Pedri and he fires wide.
  • 31'
    Acuna!!! Messi and Alba play a lovely one-two, Alba looks for F de Jong in the middle and Acuna clears for a corner.
  • 30'
    A Sevilla pass is close to finding L de Jong, but he can't quite reach it.
  • 29'
    Mingueza makes a foul and is penalised.
  • 28'
    Torres plays a pass looking for En-Nesyri which is overhit.
  • 25'
    Sevilla are having possession, but there's no end product.
  • 25'
    The visitors are slowing the game down now as a quiet game suits them.
  • 21'
    Sevilla having a bit of possession now in Barca's half.
  • 19'
    F de Jong goes down in the box, but nothing is given, Sevilla counter through L De Jong and Suso and Jordan's shot is deflected off Alba for a corner.
  • 18'
    Acuna is brought down by Messi and Sevilla get a relieving free-kick.
  • 17'
    Oliver Torres' cross is batted away and then Vidal's strike is deflected into Ter Stegen's hands.
  • 16'
    Barca threaten down Sevilla's left now and Alba's pass is cut out.
  • 15'
    Free-kick to Sevilla after a foul by Busquets.
  • 14'
    That's one for Barca. They need one more for ET. I feel Barca will get at least one more so Sevilla really need a goal. If Lopetegui's men get one, we won't have ET and the hosts would require three more.
de Barcelona en el 12'
  • 12'
    Dembele!!!! What a goal!! Messi and Dembele combine, Kounde stops the move initially, but the ball breaks to Dembele again, he dribbles away from goal and then hit a stunner from just outside the area into Vaclik's top right hand corner!
  • 11'
    Barca take it short, Messi ball in goes along the ground, Lenglet flicks it on with his heel and Lenglet makes a fine stop low!
  • 11'
    Dembele!! He has another go and it's deflected behind for a corner.
  • 10'
    Busquets!!! Good team play from the hosts ends with Busquets' effort from outside the box straight at Vaclik.
  • 9'
    Still 0.0 here and little has happened in the last few minutes. It has calmed down.
  • 6'
    Dembele!!! The ball is passed to Dembele and he hits over the goal! Should've hit the target.
  • 5'
    Good move by Messi, he puts a ball in, F de Jong lets it run through to Dembele, but he isn't expecting it.
  • 4'
    O Torres brings down Busquets, Barca want a card, but just a foul is given.
  • 3'
    Jordan picks out Torres on this near side, play continues and Acuna's centre is simple for the goalie.
  • 2'
    F de Jong brings down Acuna and Sevilla have a free-kick. Lopetegui's side are looking for that goal which would mean Barca would need 4.
  • 1'
    Sevilla with the early pressure and Vidal's ball in is caught by Ter Stegen.
Start of match

Start of match

  • 1'
    Sevilla get us going in the white from right to left! Barca also in their normal kits.
Start of match

Start of match

  • PRVW
    The players have made their way out onto the pitch!
  • PRVW
    Bono's absence is because of a hand injury.
  • PRVW
    13 degrees in Barcelona this evening.
  • PRVW
    Barca are unchanged from Saturday's contest. From the first leg. there's no Umtiti, Junior or Griezmann. Pique, Lenglet and Dest are in.
  • PRVW
    Compared to the first leg, Bono, Escudero, Rakitic and Papu Gomez are the men out. Vaclik, Acuna, Torres and L de Jong are the players in.
  • PRVW
    Sevilla make six changes from Saturday's match. Vaclik replaces Bono in goal while Acuna, Aleix Vidal, Torres, En-Nesyri and Suso also start. Escudero, Navas, Rakitic, Papu Gomez and Munir drop out.
  • PRVW
    The two teams met in the league four days ago in the league and Barca came out on top 0-2.
  • PRVW
    Sevilla won the first leg 2-0 and the away goals rule applies. We'll have ET and pens if required.
  • PRVW
    Jose Maria Sanchez Martinez is the referee for this one while Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea is the VAR.
  • PRVW
    Sevilla XI: Vaclik (GK); Acuna, D Carlos, Kounde, Aleix Vidal; O Torres, Fernando, Jordan; En-Nesyri, L De Jong and Suso.
  • PRVW
    Barcelona XI: Ter Stegen (GK); Lenglet, Pique, Mingueza; Alba, F De Jong, Busquets, Dest; Pedri, Messi and Dembele.


03 March 2021, 21:00

Referee: Sánchez Martínez J.M.

Stadium: Camp Nou

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    Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Copa del Rey semi-final second leg clash between Barcelona (0) and (2) Sevilla!