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When can I watch live football? England's new COVID rules explained

When can I watch live football? England's new COVID rules explained

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Some teams are eagerly awaiting the prospect of welcoming fans back into stadiums as early as 3rd December, but when will other sides see their stadiums welcome spectators?

The UK government announced its new coronavirus tiers on Thursday, outlining restrictions in areas across England and in turn letting clubs know whether or not they can welcome fans back on 3rd December.

London and Liverpool have both been placed in Tier 2 of the new restrictions, meaning that up to 2 000 people will be allowed into stadiums to watch games live. That means that sides such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Everton can all welcome spectators back when the latest national lockdown comes to an end.

However, much of the rest of the country is left in the highest level of coronavirus restrictions, Tier 3. Here, elite sport may continue but it must be played behind closed doors. Notable sides affected in England include both Manchester clubs as well as most of the teams in the North, including Newcastle and Birmingham. Sides in all of these areas will have to wait, but how long?

The government has faced widespread criticism from MPs across the country for being too harsh in its latest wave of restrictions but it insists that they are fair and consistent. They will however review the tier of each and every area on a bi-weekly basis at a minimum, with changes also possible in the interim.

Even where spectators are allowed, the small number set to be admitted into grounds means that the vast majority of fans will still have to stay home, with priority likely to be given to season ticket holders and members. Those unsuccessful in securing a place at Premier League games will also be able to attend lower level sport, with admittance here capped at 50% of normal stadium capacity.

So, whilst some fans will be flooding back on December 3rd, many will have to wait at least two weeks before making that journey to the terraces again.

The full list of areas and their respective tiers can be found here:

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Oliver Hall

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