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Top secrets you can learn from professional sports bettors

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Pin Free bets are a good idea for new punters. EFE
Free bets are a good idea for new punters. EFE

Top secrets you can learn from professional sports bettors

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What can you learn from the betting professionals? Read on to find out.

The founder of Britain’s Time form, Phil Bull, once said that people who usually bet for fun get nothing in return. He understood that if a person bets as a form of entertainment, they most likely pay for the thrill using their money.

On the other hand, professional bettors are not interested in the thrill of betting, but they rather see betting as a way of making a living. They consider bets as their investments, and they set up a long-term goal and develop an action plan to make sure their investments grow. They also try to cut out as many risks as possible and are always on the lookout for the best deals

That said, if you want to make a living out of betting, then below are some of the top secrets that you can learn from professional sports bettors. 

Know Your Niche 

A professional businessperson doesn’t invest in an industry that he has no knowledge or expertise in – the same applies to sports betting. The slightest oversight in the field can result in catastrophic losses. Instead of placing bets on different types of sports, it’s best to select a suitable sport and begin researching it.

Know the players, their strengths, weaknesses, and injuries. Understand their strengths and analyze a number of statistics from a number of matches. Review some of the experts’ opinions about their game and their reasoning behind the prediction. From this knowledge, form your own point of view about when to place a bet, who to place it on, and how much.

Understand Your Strengths and Weakness

If you intend to become a serious sports bettor, keep track of all the wins and losses that you made. This information is very helpful in making an unbiased analysis of your previous betting record. It will help you understand some of the odds range that you are very successful in and learn how to get the most out of it.

For example, some bettors know when to make a bet on the underdogs and make wins, while on the other hand, they make huge losses when they bet on their favorites. This realization helps them find the most profitable strategy, thus reducing the losses they make.

Develop a Strategy and Stick to It

Before you become a professional bettor, you may need to try out different strategies and find out which is the most effective. Before making any bets with money, test your betting methods on a book for a certain duration. Find out which strategy is the most appealing to you. 

Implement this strategy with small stakes as you continue to perform further analysis. If the strategy is a success, you can incorporate it in your overall betting strategy and increase the stakes being made.

Stick to this strategy and be consistent. Do not place a bet if you have done sloppy research. For every bet that you make, be disciplined and fulfill the entire betting process. Being negligent can cause major losses in betting

Do Not Use the Odd Set as a Prediction 

Professional bettors know that betting measures are usually set by bookmakers to protect their commission. This is a defensive nature. They are interested in the number of people who are more likely to place a bet on a game compared to the overall outcome of the game. After all, bookmakers earn profit from the commission.

If the price of a line is appealing, more people are more likely to benefit. However, the bookmakers’ line prices are usually inaccurate and give the wrong probability of a given outcome. A good professional bettor should be able to recognize this and use it to his advantage. 

Looking at the odds too early results in biases in your ability to assess a game properly. Checking the odds subconsciously forms an opinion of the game. Before you place a bet, begin by assessing some of the potential probabilities of the game and decide which team is more likely to win. From there, you can now check on the odds to see if they present you with a valued opinion. 

Always use available freebets and other good bonuses bookmakers offer

With freebets you most of the time can save a good amount of money and even make profit if you win the placed bet. Almost all big bookmakers nowadays offer freebets especially for new clients and it is definitely something to try out.
You can find a number of Betway offers with no deposit bonuses that will help you gain a headstart on your betting venture.

Manage Money Like a Business

Successful betting does not only involve making bets on the winning teams. Always implement a consistent staking plane. A professional bettor usually has a separate amount of money that is used specifically for betting.

If you intend to make sports betting your major source of livelihood, develop a betting bankroll that will absorb any loss you make. The size of the bankroll can be increased if you make a winning or if you feel more comfortable to have a bad run. This money is your investment plan. Remember, you need money in order to make more money, which is why you should have proper control. 

Fall in Love with the Unwanted

Most professional bettors are in love with a team that no one seems to love. Betting on a team that looks ugly on paper can make you feel much more confident. This is counter-intuitive. The less the public likes a specific player or team, the higher their value. A team that used to perform well but is now having a bad run in the past five or six games can sometimes lead to the best results. Usually, this team’s (or player’s) value is high, and that value tends to rise with each game.

Avoid Focusing on the Past

Do not allow a losing run to throw you off your strategy. Leave it in the past, continue with your analysis, and believe that your luck will change. On the other hand, don’t let a winning streak make you overconfident. A winning streak may give you the courage to make larger stakes, and this could end up becoming a major mistake. Instead, stick to your strategy and stay disciplined.  

Avoid Focusing Too Much on the Big Score

Multiple bets usually promise a big payday. As a professional bettor, you need to understand when to bet for and when to avoid them. Do proper analyses until you locate a true value. It is through this that you will be able to gain tremendous value for your money. The secret to getting a multi bet is finding the correct value; otherwise, you will be reducing your success rate with every leg that you add. You can choose to focus on the single bet as you progress.
Be Patient

Betting is quick money. Nevertheless, getting rich does not happen overnight. It requires patience and consistency. This means that just because you have made huge payday does not mean that you stop at that. Continue placing bets, build your bankroll, and before you know it, betting will be your major source of income. You can opt to join a fantasy league where you don’t have to use real money. This will provide a break from the real tension and help you practice with making large bets


Every day, there are millions of people who place bets. However, 98% of these people end up making losses. Most of them love the sport and are looking for a way to make money quickly. If you consider some of these tips and intend to become a professional bettor, be sure to try out Betway



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