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Everton Viña del Mar

Everton Viña del Mar

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Sausalito de Viña del Mar

Javier Torrente

Pedro Cedillo Martínez

Primera Chile

VIDEO: From bankruptcy to champions

This is the story of how Colo-Colo managed to become champions shortly after going bankrupt.

Primera Chile

VIDEO: Colo-Colo fans' passion

Colo-Colo fans are unwavering in their support for the team.

Primera Chile

VIDEO: Colo-Colo's goals in Chilean Superclásico

These are some of Colo-Colo's best goals in the Superclásico against Universidad de Chile.

Primera Chile

VIDEO: Colo-Colo's best moments in Chilean cup

From days gone by to their 2016 win, these are some of Colo-Colo's high points from the Chilean cup.

Primera Chile

VIDEO: Colo-Colo's five best goals from 1998 title-winning season

These are Colo-Colo's five best goals from their title-winning season in 1998.

Primera Chile

VIDEO: The atmosphere at the Chilean Superclásico

The atmosphere's red hot at the Chilean Superclásico and the Colo-Colo fans don't hold back.

Primera Chile

VIDEO: How Colo-Colo fans motivate their team ahead of a big match

Passionate and loud, Colo-Colo's loyal fans give their side everything they need to give it everything.

Primera Chile

VIDEO: Colo-Colo's best moments of 2019

We take a look at Colo-Colo's highlights from the 2019 campaign.

Primera Chile

VIDEO: Colo-Colo's 'Corner Challenge'

Colo-Colo players Ramón Fernández, Brayan Véjar and Christopher Gonzáles face the challenge of scoring directly from a corner.

Primera Chile

VIDEO: Colo-Colo face the crossbar challenge

Colo-Colo players go head-to-head in the crossbar challenge, featuring Ricardo Álvarez, Carlos Villanueva and Gabriel Suazo.

Serie A

Chilean club refused to pay less than a million for Dybala

Sabino Aguad revealed that a few years ago, Paulo Dybala could have joined Universidad de Chile. Now it has been revealed that refusing to pay 700,000 euros meant the Argentine did not join the club.

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