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Ciudad Deportiva Bahía de Cádiz-Campo 3

Queco Rosano

Manuel Vizcaíno Fernández

Division de Honor

West Brom pressure Barca to pay for Louie Barry

FC Barcelona's signing of Louie Barry has still not been finalised. If the club received the necessary documentation off FIFA a couple of days ago then he could play, but West Brom keep up their demand for compensation for this problem.

Division de Honor

Griezmann replied to a youth player who imitated his celebration

Atletico Madrid under-19s won the league title after beating Santa Marta de Tomas 5-1. Roro, one of the goalscorers on such an important day for the youth side, copied Griezmann's celebration and the French star replied to him on Twitter.

Division de Honor

Cazorla's recovery 'far from complete' despite first match with Villareal

Cazorla has insisted that he still has a long way to go before he is completely recovered, despite returning to action with Villareal this week.

Division de Honor

Cazorla makes first appearance after 21 months out

Cazorla has said that he is 'eternally grateful' for the support he received after playing his first match in 21 months following a nightmare injury.

Division de Honor

Everton interested in Cheryshev

The fantastic World Cup enjoyed by Cheryshev has put him in the spotlight for potential club moves. It looks like Everton are particularly keen at the moment.

Division de Honor

FIFA continue to clamp down on Barcelona's young stars

Fifa are continuing to round up the young stars that were disqualified from signing for Barcelona since the sanctions in January 2013. Having already decided that they are ineligible to play in matches, they have now decided that will not be allowed to train with Barcelona's world renown youth academy 'La Masia'.

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