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The numbers behind Benzema's goalscoring troubles

Pin Benzema is struggling for goals this season. AFP
Benzema is struggling for goals this season. AFP

The numbers behind Benzema's goalscoring troubles

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Benzema's goalscoring issues are worth taking a look at. The Frenchman certainly hasn't had the best campaign and whilst his figures are alarming for some, Zinedine Zidane is still calm.

Benzema has taken 37 shots this season, six of them coming against Al Jazira. 37 shots spread across 15 games. 37 shots which have only yielded five goals for Real Madrid's No. 9.

It takes the 29-year-old almost eight attempts (7.4) to find the back of the net. Some worrying numbers. Comparing him, for example, with Alvaro Morata, the player who left for Chelsea in the summer.

The Spanish striker did not think he would be given as much of a chance as Benzema, and he chose to move to the Premier League. In England, between the Premier League and the Champions League, Morata has had 68 shots on goal, scoring 10 goals (6.8 attempts per goal).

Looking at his own team, though, Benzema can breathe a sigh of relief. Because, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo needs almosts two more shots than his team-mate to find the back of the net. He has shot 118 times and scored 13 goals, not counting yesterday's Club World Cup semi-final, where he shot at every opportunity, which would worsen his average even more. 

And, despite everything, Messi also scores every seven shots (17 goals from 121 shots). So then, why does it seem like Benzema is having so many troubles in front of goal?

Maybe you have to look at the minutes played when calling out the Frenchman. He has played 1,341 minutes so far this season, but Ronaldo has played more and has a worse rate: 1,637 minutes.

Morata, who has a better rate, has played more minutes (1,531), and Messi, with a similar rate, has played 600 more. So maybe it's a question of minutes and a lack of continuity, rather than a lack of ability, for the Real Madrid striker.

Jack Ottman

Jack Ottman

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