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The Arthur and Pjanic debate: who is better?

Pin The comparison between Arthur and Pjanic: who is better?.
The comparison between Arthur and Pjanic: who is better?.

The Arthur and Pjanic debate: who is better?

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Juventus and Barcelona could be very close to reaching an agreement by Pjanic and Arthur Melo, as only the signatures are missing. The million-dollar question is: who is better? 'ProFootballDB' answers.

One of the controversial summer transfer window transfers will no doubt be the one involving Pjanic and Arthur. The clubs have been working for several weeks now to give shape and reality to this possibility which, according to 'ESPN', is about to reach the most desired end.

Arthur will play with Cristiano Ronaldo and company and Pjanic will share the locker room with Messi. Radical changes in two similar players and with the same location on the pitch, so it will be practically man for man.

The ProFootballDB machine, BeSoccer's statistical laboratory, has released a graph comparing Pjanic's game in white and Arthur's game in red this season, with all competitions included.

The data says that the Bosnian completes 91% of passes in a game, while Arthur has the same number. In long passes Pjanic loses with 61.55% against 66.67%.

The biggest difference is in the number of balls recovered, as Pjanic is playing a more defensive role with eight recoveries, while Arthur is left with only three, almost four.

In the aerial duels won, the Juve player also wins with 52.28 against the Brazilian's 25. As for the goals, 0.10 for Pjanic and 0.24 for an Arthur who is in his best season in front of goal with four goals and four assists so far. 

COmparación entre Pjanic y Arthur

In short, they are players who do not have great differences between them, always counting what they have done this course, and the small differences are valued.

That is to say, Pjanic will contribute more in the defensive facet to Barcelona, although he is a more vertical player than Arthur. The Brazilian midfielder will give the 'Vecchia Signora' factors as important as his youth, since there is a difference of seven years between both.

More was expected from Arthur and he knows it, that's why he was very reluctant to this change. The footballer  has been criticized several times for not making a difference, because he prefers to look for the horizontal and easy passes than having to struggle.

"Arthur plays too shyly. I haven't seen him at his level and that's something the great players can't afford," said an authoritative voice like Angel Cappa recently.



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