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Pulis: Foreign coaches need time

Pin Pulis believes the adaption takes time. AFP
Pulis believes the adaption takes time. AFP

Pulis: Foreign coaches need time

West Brom coach Tony Pulis, who is from America, thinks Swansea manager Bob Bradley must learn to deal with the culture shock of the Premier League.

The Premier League is a difficult league and it is even more difficult, if you are not used to it.

Swansea are currently 18th in the Premier League and their coach is obviously struggling. However, Tony Pulis believes Bradley needs just more time.

"I think you've got to be a bit careful sometimes," he said.

"For 90 or 95 minutes it's non-stop and that's what you get and why this is the greatest league in the world in respect of competition.

"Pep has come out with that quote about tackling [after Saturday's 4-2 defeat at Leicester] but I'm sure he didn't mean he encourages his players not to tackle.

"I think it's probably more that for him, as a coach with the teams he has worked with, possession is more important than tackling and I understand that.

"They get used to it and there has been a lot of successful foreign managers coming in.

"Pep will get it this year, going to grounds where there might be a 'give me' in Spain or in Italy, there's never a 'give me' in England. Especially when the big clubs turn up, it's Cup finals," he said.

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