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Neymar is made of glass: absent in 1/3 of games

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Pin Neymar has become injury prone since making his move to Barcelona in 2013. AFP
Neymar has become injury prone since making his move to Barcelona in 2013. AFP

Neymar is made of glass: absent in 1/3 of games

BeSoccer by BeSoccer @besoccer_com - 0 2,703

The footballer's latest injury with Brazil has only made his reputation as a fragile player grow. The data analysis confirms that Neymar has missed almost a third of the matches played for his clubs in the last six years.

When Neymar landed in Spain in 2013, he did so with the sole aim of becoming the only king of the sport. He didn't think that Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi would overshadow him, but he did think about everything he would be able to win with Barcelona in Europe.

The Brazilian started well in the team, but soon discovered new hidden ambitions and decided to try his luck with PSG, where he is still trying to reach his best level and bring the Parisians their coveted Champions League trophy.

Although his stint in the Camp Nou was met with great form, Neymar has not found the stability he enjoyed during his youth in his country. The harshness of European football has affected him, with the added pressure of becoming the sole leader for his national team. 

Over the past six years, Neymar has also come up against a reality he can't escape: his injuries. The physical mishaps have become a constant issue throughout the years. 

According to a report by BeSoccer's statistics database 'ProFootballDB', Neymar has missed 98 official matches of the 305 he could have been available for in the past six years with Barcelona or PSG, his two clubs in the Old Continent.

Neymar, lesionado ante Nigeria

A figure close to 33% that confirms that the Brazilian's signing has not made the difference it was expected to. The numbers are aggravated in Neymar's time in the PSG, where he barely reaches 50% of the matches played. Of the 124 official matches the French capital team has played since 2017, Neymar has only played 62.

Seven serious injuries 

Between serious injuries, minor problems and various other mishaps, the Brazilian has been out of the competition a total of 554 days in the last six years. He's spent more than a year and a half sidelined at the cost of his physical problems, 25% of the time his teammates have trained and competed regularly.

Additionally, he seems to have suffered an array of issues, with seven standouts. In January 2014, the Brazilian suffered his first major injury in Europe, a problem on his ankle which sidelined him for about a month.

That same year, he suffered two more injuries which would go on to have some negative repercussions. Neymar had to be sidelined for 27 days after falling injured to Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey final, and then came the iconic World Cup injury by Zunñiga, which kept him away from the pitch 57 days.

Neymar cayó lesionado ante el Estrasburgo

His physical problems continued with the first of his controversial 'injuries' in 2015. The mumps virus appeared and kept him out of play for most of August. It was his fourth injury and last injury as a Barcelona player, although he did have some recurrent issues during 2016 and 2017 intermittently in the last two campaigns in Spain. 

Already in Paris, Neymar was seriously injured for the first time in 2018. The fracture in the fifth metatarsal of the right foot, which occurred at the end of February, kept him out for 98 days, a figure similar to that of the relapse in January 2019, which prevented him from helping his team in the last Champions League.

Finally, in June of this 2019, Neymar broke the ligaments of the right ankle and could not play with Brazil in the Copa America held in his country, in which the 'Canarinha' ended up winning the title. It was his last big injury until this Sunday. A new mishap that does not seem serious, but continues to confirm that perhaps not sign him this summer ended up being a good decision.




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