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"I feel like sh**, City could have scored five"

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Pin Berbatov spoke out about United's current situation. Betfair
Berbatov spoke out about United's current situation. Betfair

"I feel like sh**, City could have scored five"

BeSoccer by BeSoccer @besoccer_com - 0 882

Former Manchester United and Tottenham player, Dimitar Berbatov, who is also the ambassador for Betfair, analysed the current situation in English football, focusing on the last derby in the EFL Cup between Manchester United and Manchester City, corresponding to the first leg of the semifinals.

The result left his morale wounded. "Honestly, after the first defeat against City I feel like sh**. The first half wasn't worth watching, United were outclasses and City were a lot better, everybody saw it," the Bulgarian legend said honestly.

United were defeated 1-3 at Old Trafford, it will be very difficult to come back from such a defeat. "I hope that they can recover for the return, the problem that this kind of performance has been seen many times already, it's not in every match, but it's being seen a lot and the fans don't want to see this kind of match," said Berbatov.

For many fans, Manchester United's performance in this game was one of the worst of recent time. Berbatov, who played in a very different United era, didn't want to be alarmed.

"I have seen that a lot of people have said it is the worst half that they have ever seen United play. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but it wasn't good. The true thing is that City should have scored five goals, not three. I think that the game showed the worst of United more than the good of City," he stated.

For many, Rashford's role is fundamental for Manchester United to improve. Berbatov highlighted that he must assert his responsibility as leader.

"If I were as quick as Rashford, and I make three runs but nobody sees me or gives me the ball, the fourth time I would lose it, it's something psychological. Rashford needs to be strong with his teammates, and if he needs to shout: "Give me the f***ing ball", then do it, it doesn't matter, you need to show your character and if you have it you will win," the Bulgarian explained.

Regarding his other former team, Tottenham, the former player doesn't think that he has to make a big analysis even with the arrival or Mourinho. "With Mourinho, Tottenham have played some games good and others bad. However, it is still early days, too soon and the coach needs time to implement his ideas," he continued.

Berbatov, aware of the recent transfer market, did not doubt that the White Hart Lane team must go for new signings this winter.

"I am sure Tottenham are going to sign someone in the winter market to try to solve the serious injury problem that they have. I am expecatant that someone will arrive to cover these absences and if a player exists that can fill this gap, they should sign him," he said, to finish.



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