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  • 95'
    FT (1-0): Despite Arsenal's best efforts, they were unable to take the lead in the Champions League round of 16 match against Porto. The Gunners dominated the game but struggled to score. As a result, Galeno gave his team the lead in stoppage time with a superb goal. Thank you for joining us and see you soon!
  • 94 '
    GOAAAAAAAAAAAAL FOR PORTO! Galeno scores the opener with a superb shot from outside the box.
  • 92'
    Free-kick to the Gunners 30 yards out from goal! Rice takes it but nothing comes of it.
  • 90'
    Four minutes added!
  • 88 '
    Porto sub: Wendell makes way and Eustaquio takes his place.
  • 85 '
    Porto double sub: Evanilson and Conceiao OUT. Martinez and Borges IN.
  • 80 '
    Porto sub: Nico Gonzalez is replaced by Ivan Jaime.
  • 77'
    Arsenal are lacking the power to break the deadlock.
  • 75'
    Porto's coach should consider making some changes to give his team a boost.
  • 73 '
    Arsenal sub: Trossard is replaced by Jorginho.
  • 70'
    Arsenal get a corner which Porto deal with.
  • 67'
    Evanilson tries to shoot after a pass from Pepe but his effort goes wide.
  • 65'
    Arsenal put a lot of energy into their every move and the physical wear and tear is noticeable.
  • 63 '
    Nico Gonzalez also receives a yellow card.
  • 61 '
    Havertz receives a yellow card after catching Pepe.
  • 60'
    Pepe seems to be injured after a collision with Kai Havertz but decides to continue playing.

Yellow card

a Arsenal
  • 57 '
    Kiwior receives a yellow card after bringing down Conceicao.
  • 55'
    Corner-kick for Arsenal! Rice takes it and Trossard tries to shoot from close range but the ball goes wide.
  • 53'
    Martinelli tries to advance from the left flank but misses the target! What a pity!
  • 51 '
    Conceicao is shown yellow after pulling Gabriel Martinelli's shirt.
  • 48'
    The home team cannot get a sniff of the ball...
  • 46'
    The second half staaaaarts! No changes at the moment.
  • 45'
    HT (0-0): Arsenal dominated possession during the first half but made several mistakes that allowed Porto to threaten their box. However, the first period ended in a goalless draw. We'll see what happens in the second period!
  • 45'
    One minute added!
  • 43'
    Corner-kick for the Gunners! Saka takes it once again but the ball is cleared.
  • 40'
    Any mistake by Arsenal could be punished by Porto as the Portuguese are showing their speed in their latest moves.
  • 37'
    The game is slowing down a lot in these last minutes of the first half.
  • 35'
    Corner-kick for Arsenal! Saka takes it but nothing comes of it.
  • 32'
    The hosts are slowly getting closer to the Arsenal box but are struggling to get the ball.
  • 30'
    The Gunners continue to dominate possession but are not threatening Porto's box at the moment.
  • 27'
    Arsenal get a corner which the hosts deal with.
  • 25'
    Free-kick to Arsenal 30 yards out from goal! Odegaard takes it but Varela denies his effort.
  • 23'
    Arsenal seem to be struggling to attack. Porto are not dominating as much but they have had more clear chances.
  • 21'
    Galeno misses the target from inside the box after several attempts by his teammates. WHAT A CHANCE!
  • 19'
    Arsenal are gaining momentum with every passing minute! Will they be the first to score?
  • 17'
    Free-kick to the Gunners 35 yards out from goal! Rice takes it but Costa clears it.
  • 15'
    Neither team wants to risk too much in these opening minutes as they don't want to give the other team a chance.
  • 12'
    Arsenal are pressing high at the moment, as they usually do.
  • 10'
    The match is slowly heating up! Porto are being dominated by Arsenal but the London side are making some mistakes in defence.
  • 8'
    Arsenal have never beaten Porto away. Will this be the perfect opportunity for Arteta's men?
  • 6'
    Both teams are in control although the Gunners are dominating possession at the moment.
  • 4'
    The visitors are having all the ball here early on!

Yellow card

a Arsenal
  • 2 '
    Declan Rice receives a yellow card for a hard tackle on Galeno.
  • 1'
    Porto get us going in the blue from left to right while Arsenal are in red!
Start of match

Start of match

  • PRVW
    Arsenal starting XI: Raya (GK); Kiwior, Magalhaes, Saliba, White; Havertz, Rice, Odegaard; Martinelli, Trossard and Saka.
  • PRVW
    Porto starting XI: Costa (GK); Joao Mario, Pepe, Otavio, Wendell; Conceicao, Varela, Pepe, Nico Gonzalez, Galeno; Evanilson.
  • PRVW
    Serdar Gozubuyuk will be in the middle for this one, Dennis Higler the VAR.
  • PRVW
    Arsenal possible lineup: Raya (GK); White, Saliba, Gabriel, Kiwior; Odegaard, Rice, Havertz; Saka, Trossard and Martinelli.
  • PRVW
    Porto possible lineup: Costa (GK); Mario, Pepe, Otavio, Sanchez; Varela, Gonzalez; Conceicao, Pepe, Galeno; Evanilson.
  • PRVW
    "They have never played in the last 16, I haven't (as a coach), but we have so much enthusiasm and energy as well, and willingness with a point to prove that we are good enough and want to be there," he added.
  • PRVW
    "It's there, it's in our minds, and it's a dream but it's a lot of things that you have to earn the right before that, and tomorrow we're going to have a big obstacle ahead of us," Arteta told reporters.
  • PRVW
    Mikel Arteta said the dream of Arsenal winning the club's first ever Champions League at Wembley is in his players' minds as they make a long-awaited return to the knockout stages at Porto on Wednesday.
  • PRVW
    However, they are in supreme form having smashed 21 goals in five Premier League wins since returning from a two-week winter break last month.
  • PRVW
    Mikel Arteta's men have not reached the last 16 of the Champions League for seven years and last made it to the quarter-finals back in 2010.
  • PRVW
    The Gunners will be looking for a win to move closer to the quarter-finals of the European competition after 14 years.


21 February 2024, 22:00

Referee: Serdar Gözübüyük

Stadium: Estádio Do Dragão

  • PRVW
    Hello everyone and welcome to live coverage of the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 tie between Porto and Arsenal at the Estadio do Dragao in Porto, Portugal!