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Watching your team on TV is not at all good for your health

BeSoccer by BeSoccer @besoccer_com - 3 462

Pin Being a football fan is not often good for your health. BeSoccer
Being a football fan is not often good for your health. BeSoccer

Watching your team on TV is not at all good for your health

BeSoccer by BeSoccer @besoccer_com - 3 462

With the third national lockdown underway, Britain’s football fans are yet again forced to stay inside to support their teams from home.

Football fans are once again locked out of stadia due to the increasing numbers of coronavirus cases. That means football fans who usually go to the grounds with friends are having to change their routines and watch the games via a television set. 

Supporters suffer a lot on matchdays and researchers from Brown University in Rhode Island and Boston College in Massachusetts discovered that many people eat large amounts of food after their team were beaten to allievate the suffering. 

Being a supporter of a team, especially one towards the bottom of the table, is far from pleasurable. The average fan consumes more than 10000 calories on matchdays when you take into consideration the meat pies, chips and beer that is typical at football matches. The recommended amount for men is 2500 while it is 2000 for women.

For example, Newcastle are 17th in the Premier League table are seven points above the drop zone. They were easily beaten 2-0 at Chelsea on Monday night and are putting in disappointing performances which has led to pressure on Steve Bruce. Fulham have two massive relegation six pointers this week and two victories would see them move to within one point of the Magpies. 

We have taken an example of a Newcastle fan who is a fit, young and healthy man. Over the course of 30 years, a model using scientific data shows him to be much fatter both on his legs and his belly. He also suffers hair loss and ages significantly in the face as a result of depression after his team's poor results. 

There are ways to overcome this though. We recommend avoiding social media after a defeat because of the sarcastic comments and teasing from rival fans. It also leads to a reminder of your side's poor result earlier in the day. Doing exercise throughout the day and eating healthily is also recommended to make sure you are getting all the vitamins you need. 

Having enough sleep is important to make sure you do not get run down and irritable. A lack of sleep can cause depression and make you more susceptible to picking up illnesses. Finally, make sure you have a good posture on the settee while watching your team's game. 

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