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The RFEF ask for Tebas to be sacked

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Pin The RFEF ask for Tebas to be sacked. EFE/Archivo
The RFEF ask for Tebas to be sacked. EFE/Archivo

The RFEF ask for Tebas to be sacked

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The war between the RFEF ans La Liga continues. This time it is the Spanish Federation that has asked for Javier Tebas to be dismissed as president of the LFP.

This Friday, it was made public that the justice will not let La Liga play the Villarreal-Atletico Madrid match in Miami. That is why, after the ruling, the RFEF asked for Javier Tebas to be sacked.

"It reiterates the request of the La Liga club members to engage in dialogue with the Federation and ask for the immediate dismissal of the La Liga President or for his immediate resignation," the RFEF wrote in a statement.

The game between Villarreal and Atletico Madrid was due to take place in Miami on 6 December, according to La Liga. However, the jury has given the go-ahead to the RFEF, so it will be played in Villarreal, to which the competition replied by changing the time of the match.

"The League wishes to express its utmost respect for a decision that does not prejudge the substance of the matter, which will be resolved at the final hearing next February 2020. It's a long-term strategy," La Liga said after the ruling was announced.

It was from then on that the Federation sent its statement. "As determined by the judge of the Mercantile No. 2 of Madrid on the subject of Friday and Monday and has again put it into evidence on the day, La Liga 'cannot act' outside the Federation," added the RFEF.

It is remarkable the fact that La Liga has seen all the petitions that they have formed against the RFEF rejected in recent months," said the Federation, which pointed the finger to Javier Tebas.

"The president of the League, Javier Tebas, has filed all kinds of lawsuits and appeals against the RFEF, in what is considered a flight forward to justify their own mistakes," said the RFEF.

The statement did not stop there: "This way of proceeding has led two Spanish clubs to breach the rules of FIFA and UEFA, causing an interference of the legal-public system in aspects that FIFA and UEFA consider to be completely private".

"These clubs, which are subject to national and international football regulations, were aware at all times before the ruling that they were facing significant and serious sporting and/or economic sanctions for their actions contrary to FIFA's decisions and the most basic principles of international sporting regulations," he concluded.



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