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Statement from Primera and Segunda division players about COVID-19

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Pin A statement has been released. AFP
A statement has been released. AFP

Statement from Primera and Segunda division players about COVID-19

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Players from the Spanish top flight and 2nd tier sent a statement after the meetings held with the Spanish PFA about the coronavirus pandemic that is affecting the whole planet and which has provoked the suspension of practically all competitions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has provoked a historic situation in the world. Sporting competitions from virtually the whole planet have been affected by a crisis never recorded in recent years.

The health crisis provoked by the coronavirus has led to the suspension of La Liga, the 2nd tier, the lower leagues, and Spanish female football, as well as other big competitions such as the Champions and Europa Leagues.

An unprecedented situation that has led the captains and representatives of the first team squads in the top two tiers of Spanish football to meet with the Spanish PFA (AFE) to express various points contained in a statement published on the official website of the organisation.

In them, the players made clear that they will not return to playing until the health authorities authorise it, assuring that playing the matches don't exist any risk for both the players and the fans.

The statement, divided into five points, is as follows: 

1.- The footballers of the First and Second Division want to state that being aware of the situation we are experiencing, we affirm that in all the meetings held the first concern and demand is health, and that the competition should not be resumed until the health authorities authorise it.

2 .- Regarding the timing of the competition, is subject to the decisions of health authorities. AFE will require a decision for this purpose. Everything is conditioned to individual health and public health protection, that of all citizens of this country.

3.- The return to the competition, which means the return to the playing fields and our changing rooms, will require a protocol that determines the existence of a risk prevention coordinator and a specialist in pandemics, which guarantees health safety to all operators acting in the field of football.

4.- As for the ERTE (furlough scheme), it is strange that LaLiga supports them, taking into account that the economic control and the healthy economy preached by the employers, in relation to the clubs, has not been a cushion for a temporary situation of two months, being aware that the competition has been suspended and not cancelled. And taking into account that the clubs themselves and the individual players are reaching agreements regarding salaries. What we footballers are not going to do is to stop guaranteeing our labour rights.

5.- To conclude, those of us who have signed this document are so committed to this society that we want to make it clear that the return to competition should not be made without an express decision by the authorities, as it is not the footballer who is at stake, but their entire environment. And in this sense, if we have to carry out an initiative in the Congreso de los Diputados (Spanish parliament), we will do so. Health must be everybody's business.



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