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PFA demands heading in training to be reduced

Pin The PFA have demanded change. AFP
The PFA have demanded change. AFP

PFA demands heading in training to be reduced

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The Professional Footballers' Association has asked for heading to be reduced in training "urgently".

The PFA has backed recent demands for heading in football to be reduced after more studies recently showed the effect of dementia on footballers in later life.

Those recent studies coincided with the death of Nobby Stiles, prompting his family to ask for football to "address the scandal of dementia in football".

The PFA has set up a task force to tackle the issue, with chief executive Gordon Taylor saying: "It is clear we need to take immediate steps to monitor and reduce heading within training. Football cannot carry on as it is. There is a big issue here."

The union itself has been hugely criticised in the past for not supporting players in later life.

It remains to be seen as to whether these demands will be met by league clubs, but one thing is for sure, change is coming in football.

Oliver Hall

Oliver Hall

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