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Ligue 1 thinking of doing U-turn and resuming

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Pin PSG may have been crowned Ligue 1 champions too early. AFP
PSG may have been crowned Ligue 1 champions too early. AFP

Ligue 1 thinking of doing U-turn and resuming

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Several people have disappeared with the LFP and FFF's decision to end the Ligue 1 season, especially after seeing how the rest of the leagues have either resumed or are getting ready to do so. Doing a U-turn and getting back underway is something that is being considered and a decision could be made next week.

As 'Vamos' reports, the Ligue 1 season may end up resuming and being completed on the field of play. That was something the Lyon president, Jean-Michel Aulas, wanted.

The early conclusion to the Ligue 1 season was a surprise. While the rest of the major leagues were surveying the scene and looking at how to get back underway, the French league called their league off early.

The decision was taken when the pandemic was at its worst and there was lots of pessisism over when football might resume. There was talk of spectators not returning until January. But the reality is very different. In Spain, a country very badly hit by the virus, some clubs want to play matches at 33% capacity.

France decided to end their league, give PSG the championship and move on to next season. Some clubs seemed resigned to that, but others, like Lyon, decided to fight the decision as did the relegated sides. Lyon are set to miss out on European football for the first time in many years.

After seeing the Bundesliga get underway without too many problems, calls against finishing the season early grew louder. And now, football will get back underway shortly in England, Spain and Italy.

A decision on the French season could be made on Monday or Tuesday next week. There will be a State Council meeting in France and the results of that meeting could be decisive.

'Vamos' says that there is doubt in French football and it is very possible that the league ends up being completed.

There will be some clubs who would applaud this decision while others would be against it, but it is largely expected to be applauded.

PSG Campeon 2019

Although terminating the league prematurely has not been bad for everybody on a sporting front, the financial consequences have been disastrous. The French Government even had to step in to help after the significantly reduced television money.

Even those who benefitted from the season ending early, like PSG, might approve Ligue 1 getting back underway so that they will be match fit when the Champions League returns instead of being without action for five months.

Finally, the footballers have been given additional holiday time and they might be thinking more about next term rather than resuming the current one.

For know, the Ligue 1 2019-20 has been terminated. We will see whether that remains the case in a few days time. 



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