Best Types of Online Casino Games to Play When You Can't Find Anything to Bet On

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Best Types of Online Casino Games to Play When You Can't Find Anything to Bet On. BeSoccer

Are you looking to become a professional casino gambler but have just started off? Then chances are that you need to go through a beginner’s guide before you are officially ready to step up in the professional gambling world. The word is, competition is really tough out there.

Hence, why not start with getting the hang of the basics with the help of playing variants of popular online gambling games? It won’t be too complicated but within all the fun you will learn much-needed strategies to level up your casino gambling.

Online gambling games

Before we dig deep for online casino games, let us shed some light on what playing casino games online is all about. Live casino games allow you to enjoy the same casino experience in the comfort of your home. Additionally, there is no such thing as pressure that you might have to experience otherwise in in-person gambling games. Did we mention that they are open around the clock? Which means never-ending playing online and a lot of fun.

5 Top online casinos for beginners 

Beginners might feel a little reticent when stepping into the gambling world. This is because it's a 50-50 chance of you either losing the money or winning bumping cash prizes. 

With the vast options of online casino games, an amateur in the gambling world gets baffled. The newcomers are often looking out for less complicated online gambling games but with a high opportunity of winning, too. 

Let’s be honest; the first step is always hard to take, right? However, no more with this easy to play with a lot of fun games. 

So here goes the list you can choose to kickstart your gambling journey with:

Video Poker

Poker is by far the most popular casino game to play. It's simple, it's effortless, and most importantly doesn’t require prior knowledge about anything. In other words, it's ideal to begin your journey in the casino gambling industry.

However, it doesn’t mean that video poker is all fun and games. It is said about this casino game that it's easier to play but very challenging to master the art of winning. So, we have gathered that earning from gaming is not a bed of roses after all.

But not to worry, online poker games have many variations, all comprising varying difficulty levels. This indicates that you will still have a pretty decent chance to exceed and win money. Not to forget, video poker has a low house edge which points to lower average loss. So, until you are not ready to gamble a huge amount (the higher the right, the bigger the jackpot) poker is a good way to deposit bonuses.

Different types of video poker:

Let it ride poker: 

This non-challenging and game and a lot of fun are involved. Perfect for beginners who are learning the strategy advice of the online casino world. Moreover, it's easy to pick up.

Texas hold’em: 

Yet another very easy online gambling game. You can still play it with a minute of knowledge about the right combinations of the cards.

There are several other variations of video poker but the best thing about it is that novices possess an equal chance of winning as adept players do. This is surely the right online casino game to start, isn’t it? If you think so too, there are many selections of a $5 deposit bonus casino in Canada to review beforehand. 

Slot machines

Be it an advanced player or a beginner hoping to dip their toe in online casino gaming; online slots are what you are looking for.

One doesn’t need to acquire any knowledge or experience to master this game. And do you want to know the best part? Most of the slot machine games come under free casino games. This factor really boosts your courage to try your hand at the games while having no fear to lose anything.

If it’s free, we don’t see a reason not to start gambling on it already. Beginners are surely attracted to online slots machines because they are so simple to gamble on. But what makes the pro-players come back to this online casino game? Well, the generous cash prizes and other casino bonuses. 

So, if you are just beginning to gamble online then you should initiate with a three-reel format slot game whereas you can clearly opt for five-reel too but starting it when you are familiar with the basics is a better idea.

Once you get a clear idea of the basics you can elevate the gameplay by adding additional features which make the online casino gaming experience more fun. The updated features will include multipliers, free spins, and many other gambling options.

We should touch upon the free spin aspect a little more. Because that what makes this game more attractive to the newbies. The free spins are the invitation to register an account, try it out for free, and play. Also, who doesn't like free games? It's like a win-win situation for the beginners as they are gambling yet learning new strategies.

Moreover, there are of course slot machines that require you to insert a coin too. The way it goes is by pitting in some money, spinning, and then waiting for a combo to show. 

That’s it for slot machines, easiest to begin your online casino gaming experience with.


Yet another of its kind, Baccarat is a super beginner-friendly casino game that you surely want to try out, if you haven't already! 

Now, for the people new to casino gaming, they might find it a convoluted game. However, it’s the literal opposite of what the game seems like, especially on online casinos. In addition, this game runs on pure luck. Also, what makes this game the easiest to play is that all the mathematical calculation is automatically dealt with which leaves any requirement to hold specific information prior to playing the game.

This table game is comparing the cards which run between two hands, the player hand and the banker's hand. For wining you have to bet either on Banker's hand or player hand. However, there is another tie bet; but chances of winning are very rare. 

Baccarat is also among the beginner’s choice of games because it has a lower house of edge. This clearly means you still leave the game with some profit in your wallet.

So how to know who wins in baccarat? It's as simple as it gets, two cards are dealt with the banker and similarly two are dealt with the player. The winner needs to have a hand with a total closet of 9 wins.

In this game, your best shot is to put the bet on the Banker’s hand time. Although you can bet on a tie or the Player, the winning chances are considerably low. So why take the risk when you know what can help you win, right?


When it comes to Roulette online casino games that firstly don’t get confused by seeing so many variations or types of games. 

Roulette is free to play, usually, and has a very simple layout which means anyone can understand it. All you have to do is spin the wheel and wait for the combination that lands on the paying line. The best part about Roulette is that there is a chance that you can win a huge amount and lose only a little. So that makes it a less risky game to initiate your online casino gambling experience.

Kinds of Roulette:

American Roulette

In the American Roulette wheel, there are 38 divisions. The numbers include 1 to 36 which are alternately colored in red and black. The other two divisions are of single zero and double zero that is colored green. This type of Roulette game has the worst odds since there are two green zeros. The division clearly indicates that the house has a bigger advantage than the player.

European Roulette

This is type is pretty much similar to American Roulette except for the fact that there is only one zero.

The one zero option also the player to have a greater chance of winning. Also, the house advantage is decreased in this type. Therefore, it's safe to say that it's most common among beginner casino game players.

French Roulette

This type is very much similar to the European Roulette as it comprises the same wheel with only one zero. However, it's not exactly the same. There are some additional rules in French roulette which again attract the players to this type more. For instance, if you bet outside and your ball lands on zero; you won’t lose your whole bet. You will get half of the bet back. Yes, you read that right. So even if you lose, we won't really call it a loss. 

This rule is known as the “la partage” rule. Another French Roulette rule, en prison, is that if you make an outside bet and you lose because the ball lands on a zero then are to choose between two given options. You either take half of your bet back like in the previous rule or you make the same bet again. The best part about playing Roulette online is that you get to choose the type of online casino you want to play. And then you can choose the one you think will help you give the highest return as well as is more exciting for you.


And here goes our last recommendation for the types online casino beginner list, and it's Blackjack.  If you are really looking forward to locking your first win on your first try at the first online casino gaming experience then this is what you need to know about. All you have to do is learn the tactics from an expert or the web or look out for strategy advice and there you are all set for your first win.

This game has a very simple layout, paying lines, and very enjoyable to play. All and all, it is a perfect way for online casino beginners to start with.  

First things first, how do blackjack online casino games work? After joining the table, you decide if you will hit or stand. This depends on your instincts or you can add up the current value to be in a better position to decide. 

So the rule for this game is the value of your hand should be as close as possible to 21 but also not over it. Hence, this is what calculating the current value will help you decide that if you want a hit, means that you ask the dealer for another card, or you opt for the stand which is basically passing your turn for getting any card. Once all the players have made their decisions, the dealer will unravel the facedown card. The one who is closest to the value of 21 wins, voila!

Online gambling games tips

One thing is for sure that gambling addition is real especially when you are just starting out. However, there are some tips on how to survive as a beginner and not lose everything you have.

⦁ Consider which game you want to play out of so many games on offer.

⦁ Ensure that you possess the ability of self-control as gambling addiction has turned many players to commit fraudulent crimes only because they are out of money but need to fund their addiction.

⦁ Never bet too large, we repeat never. Or else you will regret it. Managing your bankroll is a crucial aspect especially when you are planning to stay in the online gambling field.

⦁ Always know the house edge before starting any game. The odds are always against you in the game and are in the favor of the house. However, basic know-how of rules and strategies can decrease the odd chances.

⦁ Never get your expectations too high when online gambling. Be considerate that despite getting a hang of certain strategies you can still lose. Hence, as early as you accept it the easier it will become for you.

Our Takeaway

We have looked at the popular games that a beginner can excel in.

Lastly, participate in online casino games for as long as they are fun for you. Just take it as a game, know the strategies, and even a little homework before starting a new game can help!