• ordenador con la API

The widgets are built-in modules that can be anywhere on your website and are 100 per cent customizable.

Thanks to them, your personalized site can be put together with each screen containing the most thorough and fast information on the market.

Our team will make sure that the appearance of the widgets fits perfectly in the site and our integration panel makes the process easy.

Totally adaptable to any device

Fast thanks to our API

Because the widgets are based on our own API, one of the most complete ones on the market, the user will be able to look up all sorts of statistics and data in real time.

The service guarantees at all times a lower response time and a petition download far superior to the one offered by any other similar service.

Solución para newsletter

We also have a tool to configure a newsletter with the widgets you wish to send to your users.

And if you require another personalized solution, don't hesitate in suggesting it. We are developers.

Some examples of our widgets:

Some of our clients