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20 on WC Qual. Concacaf


George Dublin

Vincent Cassell

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Draw made for 2021 Gold Cup

This Monday, the groups were drawn for the next Concacaf Gold Cup, which is set to be held in 2021. 12 teams will have to get through the preliminary stage to fill the final three group stage spots. Qatar is the guest for this edition.

CONCACAF Nations League

The teams in the new Concacaf tournament which no-one has heard of

The draw for the new CONCACAF competition took place this Thursday. All of the teams have been put into groups and three of them, especially, catch the eye because they are completely unheard of. British Virgin Islands, Montserrat and the island of Bonaire.

CONCACAF Nations League

USA grouped with Canada in inaugural CONCACAF Nations League

The Nations League has been created to maximise the quality, quantity and frequency of competitive matches for all of CONCACAF's members.

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