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Kick-off in 15!

Join us for minute to minute coverage of this evening's Champions League clash as Klopp's Liverpool take on the Belgians Genk to assure their spot in the next round!

Premier League

Klopp is the world's best – Freund

Steffen Freund thinks Lucien Favre is a good coach for Borussia Dortmund but Jurgen Klopp's emotional link with his players is unmatched.

La Liga

Giménez suffers grade 1 right thigh injury

On Wednesday, Atlético made José María Giménez's injury news official. The CB has a grade 1 right thigh injury.

Serie A

The goal Cristiano still has not scored for Juventus

Cristiano Ronaldo has still not scored a free-kick in his 53 matches played with Juventus.


Make way for 'bh'

It isn't a trio, but they could be a very dangerous duo. In the match against Galatasaray, Benzema and Hazard were the 2 players that their teammates looked for the most, and Toni Kroos' goal came from them.

Signings, departures and rumours

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