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Ronaldo misses when they need him most: penalty off the post

Pin Ronaldo missed a penalty. Screenshots/DAZN
Ronaldo missed a penalty. Screenshots/DAZN

Ronaldo misses when they need him most: penalty off the post

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Cristiano Ronaldo had the chance to put Juventus in front in the Coppa Italia semi-final second leg against Milan, but he missed a penalty. He hit it low to the left and the ball hit the post without the keeper having to act.

During the Coppa Italia semi-final between Juventus and Milan, the unthinkable happened. Milan gave away a penalty and Cristiano Ronaldo was in the other team's ranks. The Portuguese is usually simply lethal, but this time things didn't work out.

He placed the ball on the spot, breathed in like he always does, and shot with power. The ball hit the post. He put it too far to the keeper's right: he wanted to put it down his left, well placed, and the ball ended up hitting the woodwork.

The Milan goalkeeper didn't have to use his hands, to hence, save his team. This served to lift the visitors, who, until then, were not exactly calling the shots. Ronaldo, of course, felt very sorry for himself.

The video didn't take long in going viral. Juve don't usually ever miss when they have a clear chance and few things are clearer in the world of football than a penalty. The good thing? That there were no fans in the stand to see him miss.




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