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Pochettino wants to win Premier League

Pin Pochettino wants his dreams to come true. AFP
Pochettino wants his dreams to come true. AFP

Pochettino wants to win Premier League

Mauricio Pochettino says winning the Premier League is the team's dream and they're trying hard for achieving it.

Tottenham Hotspur are currently fifth in the Premier League with 30 points, having 13 less than the leaders Chelsea. However, their coach is confident that they have good chances to win the torunament.

He spoke in an interview with 'Sky Sports' about his dream: "It is our dream to win the Premier League. It is our premier competition. For us, it is our first step

"I am very happy here - me and my staff as well as my family. I think we find that we are in a very good place to ensure we can work hard. It is a big club with lots of supporters and it is a fantastic club to achieve big things with. 

"We finished third in the league last season. It was a tough summer because the way that we finished the season was bad. We showed some weakness at the end of the season that we need to try and work out which is always important.

"When you compete with a big side, it is always difficult, but it shows we are a better team than last season. We have had some problems in the last months after Man City. There were more things that maybe made it difficult for us to compete at our best and I think now we are in a good position to try to achieve good results. 

"We need to work hard because teams like Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, they have all improved. It is true that the Premier League is tougher than last season because all the big teams are improving their squads but we are confident in ours," he explained.

Melissa Rojas Tänzer

Melissa Rojas Tänzer

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