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Nobody will say it, but he was better than Ronaldo

Pin Federico Bernardeschi and Cristiano Ronaldo for Juventus. AFP
Federico Bernardeschi and Cristiano Ronaldo for Juventus. AFP

Nobody will say it, but he was better than Ronaldo

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Federico Bernardeschi will return to the starting lineup in the Juventus attack this evening in the Champions League Quarter-Final tie against Dutch side Ajax. His almost perfect match against Atletico Madrid was eclipsed by the hat-trick of Cristiano Ronaldo. However, it was Bernardeschi who really inspired the 'bianconera's' incredible comeback against Atletico Madrid in the first place.

It seems almost politically incorrect to say this, but despite an incredible hat-trick against a World Class defence to turn over what seemed an impossible scoreline to turn around, Cristiano Ronaldo's hat-trick against Atletico Madrid was not enough for him to be the best player on the pitch that day.

Bernardeschi did not score in the Atletico tie, but he was heavily involved in two of them. The Italian assisted the first one and won the penalty for the third one, with Ronaldo the grateful receiver on both occassions. But it was his constant determination and his fantastic movement that allowed Juventus to steal this tie in the first place, against one of the best defences in the league.

Playing as almost a false winger, with freedom to roam around where he wanted and pick apart Diego SImeone's defence, nobody knew where he was coming from and nobody knew how to stop him. Everything came from the Italian, even if it was Ronaldo who took all the glory. 

If the same thing is to happen again, as it did against Atletico, tonight, then many eyes will certainly be resting on him, not as many as a certain Portuguese forward, but certainly more than before the Atletico match,.

At the age of 25, he is beginning to receive recognition. Before, he was spoken of as a good player for the future, but he is now beginning to be appreciated. As he says about himself, he is not especially skilful, he is not so physical (although his exhibition against Atleti in that sense was spectacular); but he is a footballer without mental limits, a pure spirit. 

This is the reason that his manger demands more from him, because he knows he has it and can give it.

Against Ajax it's not the time for the same sort of football,  but Federico Bernardeschi has come to stay, not to be anyone's shadow. It's good for the Portuguese striker to be fit again. It may allow Bernardeschi to show he can deliver to his level or more. Although many can not or do not want to say. 




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