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Neymar is not essential at PSG

Pin Neymar is not essential at PSG. AFP
Neymar is not essential at PSG. AFP

Neymar is not essential at PSG

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The summer transfer market has closed and Neymar is still at PSG. A frustrated departure that Thomas Tuchel celebrated in Paris almost as a title. However, a study of 'ProFootball', the statistical laboratory of BeSoccer, shows that the Brazilian is not essential in the PSG squad. Far from meeting the goal of the Champions League, the 'Canarinho' - to date - goes to 3.8 million euros per game.

After an overreacted negotiation between PSG and Barcelona that went on almost until the last day of the market, Neymar has not managed to leave Parc des Princes, and, even with insults from fans he will have to compete for the French club atleast until January. 

During the soap opera, Thomas Tuchel was avoiding as many questions as he could about the star, changing the injury as an initial justification for the need to resolve his future and re-lead the Paris front line. Meanwhile, the German coach did not stop warning about the great sports loss that would have followed after the departure of the Brazilian.

However, a deep analysis by 'ProFootball', the statistical laboratory of BeSoccer, showed that Neymar is not essential to Paris Saint Germain. Beyond that, he has not played in more than half of the games due to injury -59 of 117-, PSG have won 79.3% of the matches the Brazilian has played and 72.9% without him. Similar parameters, without sensitive differences for the magnitude of the figure.

In his first season, Neymar played only 30 of the 57 games of Paris Saint-Germain, in which he added 26 wins, one draw and three losses. Although he scored 16 goals and distributed nine assists, the star lost 47% of his team's matches.

In his second season, the last campaign, Neymar fell seriously injured again and, in addition to his arbitration controversies, only participated in 28 of the 57 games of the PSG season. On this occasion, his contribution is significantly reduced and closes the year with ten goals and seven assists.

Although he is happily involved in the Brazilian National Team in Miami, the attacker has not yet premiered this season with the French team, who have already played five official matches, which have resulted in four wins and only one defeat in Ligue 1. 

Meanwhile, Neymar, the most expensive signing in history for the 222 million that PSG paid to Barcelona, was signed to make the definitive leap to the pharaonic Qatari project to fight for the Champions League. However, the Brazilian missed the elimination round against Real Madrid and could not participate in the tie against Manchester United due to injury.

However, the 'ProFootball' study does highlight a notable advantage for PSG when the Brazilian is on the pitch: their offensive performance improves markedly. With Neymar, the French team has an average of 3.29 per game; while without it, the percentage drops to 2.39. That is, the number '10' guarantees about a bit more per encounter.

Thomas Tuchel, the Parisian fans not so much, hoped like May water to close the market with Neymar in the Parc des Princes. However, the 'Canarinho' has lost more than 50% of official matches and there are no major differences - in terms of results - between when he plays or not. Data that shows that Neymar, the most expensive signing in history, is not essential in Paris. Far from meeting the goal of the Champions League, Neymar comes to 3.8 million euros per game.



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