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Leak or 'fake'? Supposed 2019 Ballon d'Or results revealed

Pin It has apparently been leaked. EFE/Twitter/AFP
It has apparently been leaked. EFE/Twitter/AFP

Leak or 'fake'? Supposed 2019 Ballon d'Or results revealed

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With just a few hours until the Ballon d'Or is given out, a rumour has circulated around the internet. Someone has leaked the supposed 2019 Ballon d'Or results, confirming the predictions of many: Messi will beat Van Dijk.

It was taking a while for there to be a leak, but it finally happened. After a week full of rumours saying who the next Ballon d'Or winner will be, this supposed leak, which seems to be echoed by practically all sports media, seems to confirm what many predicted.

In the photo that seems to be the 2019 Ballon d'Or rankings, Messi can be seen as the winner with 446 points.

He is followed by Virgil van Dijk, the other big favourite, with 382 points. If this is true, we will have quite a close Ballon d'Or, the tightest since FIFA and 'France Football' took different paths.

And it's not short of surprises, because Ronaldo wouldn't be in 3rd place, Mohamed Salah would be. The Portguese superstar would be consgined to 4th place by the Egyptian.

Liverpool's representation would be completed by Saido Mané, 5th, and Alisson Becker, 6th. Mbappé would be 7th, the ex Ajax players De Jong and De Ligt would be 8th and 9th, and Eden Hazard would complete the top 10.

Now everyone is wondering if the list is real or a 'fake' moderately well done. The answer will be revealed on Monday. We will be able to suspect if the top 10 is the same as it is revealed.



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