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Landing Base Casinos Closed to Quarantine

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Pin Landing Base Casinos Closed to Quarantine. BeSoccer
Landing Base Casinos Closed to Quarantine. BeSoccer

Landing Base Casinos Closed to Quarantine

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As society continues its fight against the coronavirus pandemic; many ways of our old life are disrupted each day.

While this could actually save some individuals money, there are others that use casinos to let loose, have some fun, and take the stress off of particularly tough jobs. One group of people that fits that bill are military soldiers stationed at landing bases.

We’ll take a look at what these casinos look like and what the effects are of these closures and what options our military members may have.

The Closures

Casinos have been hit hard by the coronavirus and for good reason. Their industry is one that specifically gathers groups of people together in one physical area. On top of that, there are a lot of “common” areas that individuals encounter.

Coronavirus suspends activities

Playing machines can put you into close contact with germs from someone else or can lead to a situation where you’re sitting very close to someone else. This is the exact opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish when you have shut down due to these types of illnesses, so casinos are quick to go.

On top of that, you have a situation where none of this is “essential”. Again, although military members may rely on this to relieve stress and to have some fun when fun may be in high demand; it’s hard to justify “gaming” as something that is absolutely necessary like grocery stores or pharmacies are.

The Options

One of the best options for these landing base closures has been online casinos. These online offerings may not be able to match the community feeling that physical casinos have; but they do a lot for people when it comes to convenience. One good example is slots of vegas online casino. There are tons of online options out there, which is great for those looking for a replacement to the thing they lost.

These options are more convenient than any other option. You should always use good management and stay calm while playing to ensure that you are not spending any faster than you would at a physical establishment. However, with that being said these online options can really pick up the slack for a group of people who would have been lacking for entertainment otherwise.

History of Landing Base Casinos

It’s interesting to think about these landing base casinos because most people didn’t know they exist. While numbers can be very hard to come by, it seems like there are thousands of these machines on different bases across the world – rivaling a number that would be seen in a typical Las Vegas casino.

However, this isn’t a new phenomenon. These slot machines could be seen on military bases going all the way back to the 1930’s. It’s crazy to think that this has been going on in some capacity since before World War 2. When you realize the long history of these gaming machines, it makes more sense as to why the closures are such a big deal to some and why military members are looking for more options to keep the tradition going; even if those options are online set ups.

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for these machines and their requirements. Back in the 1970’s, there were a lot of officials who wanted these machines removed and got their wish. For just about the entirety of the 1970’s, there were no slot machines present in any Army or Air Force base.

Right around 1980, the machines started to make their comeback (I would imagine due to less tension in the air overall) and they have been a part of most military bases ever since.

The Upsides of Online

One thing that may prove useful in this change is some of the positives of an online environment as opposed to a physical one.

Players can track their gameplay a bit easier with online accounts. When you are logged in, you should be able to see various statements and reports about your account that give you information that would not be available if you simply inserted some money into a machine.

Online programs can be utilized to provide data where before many people would have had to rely on surveys or long studies to get their results.

It’s also convenient for those playing as well. If they want to switch games, play a different denomination, or simply look around – they can do so in just a few clicks of a button.

That’s a big change from being limited to whatever slot machines are right in front of you or having to search if you are in a bigger establishment.

Problems with Landing Base Casinos

It’s not always fun and games when it comes to these machines.

Easy access in military bases has led some to question whether the military should be doing more to check for problem gamblers. Some people argue that removing the slots would simply lead to more poker games in back rooms where regulation could be even harder to come by.

The military has also been questioned about the use of the funds. If military members are losing money, shouldn’t some of that money be funneled back to departments that would help those individuals?

Proper regulation and advisement about problem gambling should be posted anywhere that there is gambling as is required by any jurisdiction.

Even though things may be tough with corona virus closures right now, there are options that military members have if their landing base casino is shut down temporarily. There are a slew of options online that allow for convenient play and would help those individuals relive stress and have some fun that they would normally get from a physical casino. These online games can even provide some level of tracking for military members so they can monitor their play and make sure they are comfortable with what they are paying for their entertainment.







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