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"If I put 4 kids out and we don't win, they will sack me"

Pin Setién spoke about La Masia. EFE
Setién spoke about La Masia. EFE

"If I put 4 kids out and we don't win, they will sack me"

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Barcelona manager, Quique Setién, spoke to '' and responded to various topics, although his words about game time and the youth academy were especially noteworthy.

In the build-up to the Celta match, '' published an interview with Quique Setién in which the manager spoke in depth about the youth academy and the management of game time with the youngest players.

Setién diverted thew spotlight to Barca when looking more at La Masia: "Making youngsters play more is not only my responsibility, it should be the club opting for it when planning a season".

"If you sign five players who are the best in the world in their position, it will be difficult to make room for a kid from the youth academy. We want to win everything, we want to be on the front line, but we also want a 17-year-old to perform like a World Cup winner", he reflected.

The manager was realistic and spoke of the fact that, whatever happens, there will be people unhappy: "Now everyone is talking about wanting to win, but if I put four kids out and we don't win, I'll get sacked. And if we get the players that everybody wants and we win, people will be happy, but the youngsters won't get a chance".

Setién also spoke about his Barca future: "Yes, I always think so (about remaining next season). When I arrive at a club I think I'm going to stay for life, although I know it won't be like that".

Lastly, he referred to Griezmann's role in the team: "He's a player who moves around a lot, but it's not easy to filter the ball when you have 10 players so close together, covering up spaces for the pass. Everything is also a consequence of having spent three months without playing, this affects the tempo".

"You have to play against a disciplined opponent, like against Sevilla, and it is difficult to find the spaces. It's almost impossible to surprise these opponents. For some players these situations are very frustrating. Maybe we lack a point of effectiveness and coordination"



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