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How would the La Liga table look without VAR?

Pin Things would be very different without VAR. BeSoccer
Things would be very different without VAR. BeSoccer

How would the La Liga table look without VAR?

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The VAR has intervened quite a lot of times in La Liga so far and it has been key. Would the table vary a lot without this technology? The top three would not, but the rest of the league would especially in the relegation zone.

The top three in the league would remain unchanged. Barcelona are currently leaders with 77 points followed by Atletico in second with 68 and then Real Madrid have 61. Without VAR, the same teams would occupy the first three spots. The only difference is that Atletico would have two points less and Real Madrid, one.  From then on, the order changes, but the same three teams would be fourth, fifth and sixth. Currently, Sevilla are in fourth with 52 points, Getafe in fifth with 51 and then Valencia with 49.

Without VAR, Valencia would be fourth with 54, Getafe would still have 51 and Sevilla would have 51 as well. And from seventh to 17th? There is a big difference. Without VAR, the order would be the following: Alaves 46, Athletic 44, Espanyol 43, Betis 41, Leganes 40, Eibar 38, Real Sociedad 38, Celta 35, Valladolid 35, Villarreal 33 and Rayo 33. 

The bottom three would also be different. At the moment Valladolid are third from bottom with 32 followed by Rayo with 28 and then Huesca with 26. Without VAR, Girona would be 18th with 31, Levante 30 and Huesca 25. 

In which matches has VAR been crucial? 

Various interventions of this technology have changed the course of matches like Villarreal-Girona (0-1) which would have ended 1-1 without VAR. Ekambi was offside when his scored for the hosts.

The opposite occurred in Real Madrid-Espanyol (1-0). The linesman thought Marco Asensio was offside when he scored, but the VAR spotted that he was onside. Otherwise, it would have been 0-0.

The same thing happened in Sevilla-Celta (2-1). It would have been 1-1 without VAR, since Ben Yedder's goal was initially given offside by the linesman. 

The VAR was key in Real Madrid-Levante (1-2) because Levante got a penalty for a handball after it was initially given offside and then Asensio scored for Madrid before the VAR took it away for offside.

Valencia-Leganes finished 1-1 thanks to the VAR intervening to give Leganes a penalty after Iglesias Villanueva did not see the foul from Garay on Oscar. The ref gave it after a pitchside review. 

Eibar-Athletic (1-1) saw Eibar get a penalty after a shirt pull by Inigo Martinez on Eibar's Sergi Enrich. 

Rayo-Athletic (1-1) saw Raul de Tomas have a goal chalked off for handball after Cuardo Fernandez initially missed the handball. 

In all these games and in many more (in almost 30 games), the VAR has been crucial in affecting the result of the game. In one match, Athletic-Rayo (3-2), the referee had to overturn three decisions. He gave the hosts a penalty, took away a pen to the same team and then disallowed a Rayo goal for offside. Over 90 decisions have been corrected with the help of VAR.

¿Cómo sería la clasificación de LaLiga sin el VAR?

Without VAR, the table would certainly look very, very different. 



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