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Everything we know about the Euro 2020

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Pin Everything we know about the Euro 2020. AFP
Everything we know about the Euro 2020. AFP

Everything we know about the Euro 2020

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In less than a year a new Euro will be played, but it will not be like the previous ones. It will be 'itinerant', as it will not be organised by a single country or two. It will be played in twelve venues, distributed by as many countries. And that's just the beginning.

The Euro 2020 will be unique. It will be played by 24 teams for the second time, after France 2016, but unlike that one, as we have said, it will not have a host country.

The European Championship will take place in twelve venues throughout Europe, from Ireland to Azerbaijan, from Denmark to Italy. The cities hosting the matches will be Munich, Baku, Copenhagen, Glasgow, Bilbao, Amsterdam, Budapest, London, Rome, Dublin, Bucharest and St Petersburg.

Not all venues will host the same matches, but all stadiums will host at least three group stage matches. In San Mames, for example, in addition to these three matches, one round of 16 will be played.

Clasificación Eurocopa 2020

A unique qualifying phase

As we have said, 24 teams will play in the European Championship in 2020, but only 20 of them will qualify through the qualifying round currently being played.

The top two in each of the ten groups will qualify. The remaining four teams will come out of the League of Nations. Yes, the same Nations League that, in theory, ended in June with Portugal's triumph.

The Nations League is the second chance for teams that fail to qualify in the usual way. The champions of each of the four league groups will play a 'playoff', and the winner of each level will advance to the group stage of the European Championship.

The draw for the group stage will take place on 30 November, but the play-off for the remaining four places will not be played until the end of March. Thus, there will be four teams without names in the draw, and a second draw will take place in April to see who each one corresponds to.

Clasificación Eurocopa 2020

The Nations League playoff, a second chance

The 'playoff will be played by the champions of each of the four groups in each league, but if they had achieved a place in the qualifying round, their place in the qualifying round in March will be occupied by the second of their group, and if not, the third.

And so on, using the best of the lower leagues that would have been left out of the playoff.

That means that Portugal, the Netherlands, England and Switzerland, as A-League champions, Bosnia, Ukraine, Denmark and Sweden, B-League champions, C-Scotland, Norway, Serbia and Finland, and D-Georgia, Northern Macedonia, Kosovo and Belarus will have a second chance.

An example

For example, if England manage to qualify directly, their place in the playoff will be occupied by Spain. But 'La Roja' also has a shot at the ticket, so it would be Croatia who played the playoff.

Clasificación Eurocopa 2020

A relatively decided draw beforehand

On the other hand, the fact that the European Championship is 'itinerant' means that the draw is relatively directed, since the national teams with representation in the form of host cities will be placed in that group automatically.

Thus, for example, if Spain and Ireland were to classify in any way, they would go to Group E in Bilbao and Dublin. Group A is based in Rome and Baku, B St Petersburg and Copenhagen, C Amsterdam and Bucharest, D London and Glasgow, and F Berlin and Bucharest.

Right now only Portugal are qualified (as champions of the Nations League), but that could change even before the October break ends, as Spain, England, Belgium and Italy could qualify soon. 

The Euro 2020 opening match will be played at in Rome on 12 June. The semi-finals and final will be played on 7, 8 and 12 July at Wembley.



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