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End of match

End of match

  • 95'
    FT: England 1-1 Hungary!! All over at Wembley and it's the first time England drop home points in nine years. Stones cancelled out Sallai's penalty and in the second half, England were a bit better overall, but Hungary also played well and a draw was a fair reflection of the contest. Poland's win (if they hold on) would mean England sit three clear with two games left. Thanks for your company and see you again soon!
  • 94'
    England go forward looking for the winner, Walker's ball into the box is caught by Gulacsi and it's a Hungary free-kick.
  • 93'
    England corner, Watkins gets a shot off, but it's not enough to trouble the GK.
  • 93'
    England sub: Watkins is on for the injured sub Abraham.
  • 92'
    Hungary double sub: Szoboslai and L Nego are replaced by Nikolic and Bolla.

Yellow card

a Hungría
  • 90'
    Szoboszlai sees a yellow card.
  • 89'
    Foden's ball into the box is punched away by the GK and then there is an offside from the rebound as Abraham heads wide.
  • 87'
    England go forward looking for a winner, but Hungary are defending solidly.
  • 84'
    Holender!!! England are dispossessed and Holender curls one wide!
  • 80'
    Free-kick for the hosts 30 yards from goal.
  • 80'
    Hungary double sub: Sallai is replaced by Hahn and Vecsei on for Schafer.
  • 76'
    England sub: Kane is replaced by Abraham. Henderson is also on for Sterling.
  • 74'
    Opportunity for Kane!! He sprays one wide, but it was offside.
  • 73'
    The ball into the box comes to nothing.
  • 73'
    Hungary attack and it is cleared for a corner.
  • 70'
    England attack again, but it comes to nothing.
  • 68'
    Hungary sub: Holender replaces Schon.
  • 62'
    England sub: Saka on for Grealish.
  • 62'
    Chance for England!!! Foden's corner sees Stones head and the ball goes narrowly wide!
  • 61'
    Sterling has a go and gets the corner off Z Nagy.
  • 59'
    Kane is caught offside. Tight one.
  • 57'
    Kane shoots from distance and it's caught by Gulacsi.
  • 57'
    Hungary are looking dangerous here. This is a good contest.
  • 56'
    England lose the ball at the back, A Nagy gives it to Schafer and his effort is blocked!
  • 55'
    England go forward through Sterling and his centre is cleared away by Lang and Z Nagy!
  • 52'
    Sallai has a pop and it goes behind for a corner.
  • 52'
    England definitely the better side here and they are more likely to take the lead.
  • 49'
    Grealish is felled by L Nego, but the ref gives the corner.
  • 48'
    Foden's delivery is punched away by Gulacsi.
  • 48'
    Corner for the home side here.
  • 46'
    England get us going again!
  • 45'
    HT: England 1-1 Hungary! Half-time at Wembley and it's a fair score. The start was very even, but Hungary were awarded a spot kick after a Luke Shaw foul and Sallai converted. Then, in the 37th minute, John Stones levelled after getting on the end of a free-kick. Since then, it's been all England and Sterling nearly made it 2-1. Back for more shortly!
  • 45'
    45+1: Sterling!!! Shaw's chipped cross is headed by Sterling at the back stick, Gulacsi saves it and Sterling hits the rebound wide.
  • 45'
    One extra minute.
  • 45'
    Grealish has looked sharp this evening and he gets the corner off L Nego.
  • 44'
    England are the much better team now. The leveller has changed everything.
  • 42'
    Free-kick to England again on the far side.
  • 40'
    Grealish goes forward for England, but Hungary stop him!
de Inglaterra en el 37'
  • 37'
    Stones draws England level! Foden's free-kick strikes a Hungarian on the arm and then Stones turns in at the back stick! Deserved.
  • 37'
    England are awarded a free-kick on the far side.
  • 35'
    There's a scramble from the corner and it's cleared away.
  • 35'
    Mount's free-kick goes behind for a corner.
  • 34'
    A Nagy fouls Mount and the hosts get a free-kick just to the side of the box
  • 32'
    Z Nagy catches Grealish and then leaves his boot in afterwards and Grealish takes exception to that. Free-kick.
  • 31'
    Free-kick to the home side.
  • 28'
    There was contact by Szalai on Kane, but not enough for a pen for me.
  • 28'
    The ref from the Canary Islands is not making himself very popular here.
  • 27'
    Kane goes down in the box wanting a penalty and Hernandez Hernandez says no!!
  • 27'
    Hungary hadn't started badly at all, but I think England will be furious with that call.
  • 24'
    Shaw was also booked in the incident.
  • 24'
    Sallai sends Pickford the wrong way and Hungary lead!!! Shaw still isn't happy and understandably so. The contact is completely unavoidable. There's not much he could do there...
  • 23'
    Penalty to Hungary!!! Luke Shaw clears the ball with his boot and catches L Nego in the head on the follow through. It can't be an indirect free-kick if there's contact, but that's incredibly harsh, in my opinion.
  • 22'
    It's been fairly even. One clear opportunity for either side so far.
  • 21'
    Hungary are dispossessed by Rice, Grealish goes down this near side, but his ball in simple for Gulacsi.
  • 20'
    Rice fouls Sallai and is penalised.
  • 18'
    Mount tries to get down the near side, but L Nego stops him.
  • 16'
    Sallai passes for Scahfer, but he's offside.
  • 14'
    England win a corner. Both teams attacking.
  • 14'
    Sallai!!! Szoboslai's cross into the box is hit over by Sallai.
  • 11'
    Sterling looks to play in Kane, but the ball runs through to the keeper.
  • 10'
    England head wide from the resulting corner.
  • 10'
    Chance for England!!! Grealish picks out Shaw and his cross to back post for Kane is turned behind for a corner.
  • 6'
    Mount is penalised for a foul near the Hungary box.
  • 5'
    Hungary looking sharper early on here.
  • 4'
    Szalai sends a ball forward which is dealt with by the English defence.
  • 3'
    Quiet start to this one so far.
  • 1'
    Hungary get us going in the red from left to right!!! England in white.
Start of match

Start of match

  • PRVW
    We'll have a moment's reflection before kick-off.
  • PRVW
    Kane and Gulacsi meet in the middle for the coin toss.
  • PRVW
    There's a great atmosphere for England's anthem.
  • PRVW
    The Hungarian anthem is played to boos.
  • PRVW
    The players come out here!
  • PRVW
    Orban, Botka and Salloi drop out from Hungary's 0-1 loss to Albania. Kecskes, Lang and Schon come in.
  • PRVW
    Stones and Foden are the only two players to keep their place from the 0-5 win over Andorra.
  • PRVW
    It's 13 degrees and dry in London for this one.
  • PRVW
    England are top with 19 points while Hungary are 4th with 10 points. England will be within touching distance of the World Cup with victory while Hungary must win to stay in the hunt. Albania and Poland on 15 and 14 points also meet.
  • PRVW
    Alejandro Hernandez Hernandez of Spain is the referee for this one while his compatriot Juan Martinez Munuera is the VAR,
  • PRVW
    Hungary XI: Gulacsi (GK); Szalai, Kecskes, Lang; Z Nagy, Schafer, A Nagy, Nego; Szoboszlai, Schon and Sallai.
  • PRVW
    England XI: Pickford (GK); Shaw, Mings, Stones, Walker, Mount, Rice, Foden; Grealish, Kane and Sterling.


12 October 2021, 20:45

Stadium: Wembley Stadium

  • PRVW
    Hello and welcome to live coverage of the World Cup qualifier between England and Hungary at Wembley!