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"Dembélé's injury was bigger than the one in 2017"

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Pin He is out for 6 months. AFP
He is out for 6 months. AFP

"Dembélé's injury was bigger than the one in 2017"

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Ousmane Dembélé was operated on this Tuesday in Finland. Doctor Lass Lempeinen, in charge of carrying out the operation, spoke about it to 'AS' and was convinced that he can develop a career in the elite no problem.

Ousmane Dembélé had an operation on Tuesday in Finland on his right hamstring tear.

The injury will keep the Barcelona player out for 6 months, so the ex-Dortmund player won't be back playing until next season.

The operation took place in Turku by doctor Lasse Lempeinen, who spoke about the seriousness of the Frenchman's injury to 'AS' after the operation.

"This injury on the right side was bigger and more demanding than the injury on the left side I operated on in 2017. Despite this, everything went well. We found what the MRI showed earlier", he started explaining to the aforementioned source.

The doctor analysed Dembélé's operation in detail and made clear the risks that Ousmane could have in the future.

"The biggest risk factor of a hamstring injury is a previous hamstring injury. I'm sure Dembélé's medical team will do everything possible to prevent the new injury".

Physical problems have been a real ordeal for the Frenchman since he arrived at the Camp Nou.

Despite this, Lempeinen thinks that 'Dembouz' can shine a light of his own and can have a stellar career in the elite.

"I'm very confident that after careful and prompt rehabilitation, Dembélé will be able to return to playing top-level football. My estimate is that he will be out for six months. His best football years are yet to come".



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