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Court denies that Najila Trindade threatened Neymar

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Pin Court denies that Najila Trindade threatened Neymar. EFE/Marcelo Chello/Archivo
Court denies that Najila Trindade threatened Neymar. EFE/Marcelo Chello/Archivo

Court denies that Najila Trindade threatened Neymar

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A court in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo rejected the prosecution's accusation against the model, Najila Trindade for false denunciation and alleged extortion of football player Neymar, according to local media.

Portal 'UOL' had access to the court case, and the decision was made by the 31 Criminal Court of Sao Paulo, which, however, maintained the accusation for procedural fraud against the model, who claims to have been raped by Neymar last May in a Paris hotel.

The Public Prosecutor's Office can file an appeal against the court's decision, while Trindade and her ex-husband have ten days to defend themselves in writing against the complaint for fraud in the process.

The prosecution's accusation was presented to the court one month after the judiciary refused to file criminal charges against Neymar, a Paris-Saint Germain player, for considering that the complaint against him for rape was unfounded.

Despite this, the Civil Police in Sao Paulo alleges that there are indications that the model made a false complaint and that she tried to extort the player's family first, through her lawyer.

In the same process, The Civil Police accused her ex-husband of crimes such as procedural fraud and the realease of materials with erotic content. According to the investigators, Alves sent intimate pictures of his ex-wife to a journalist, who then published them on the internet.

Neymar is also being investigated for a similar situation. In his attempt to defend himself, he posted a video on social media with messages exchanged with Trindade that included intimate photos of the model and, despite covering his face, exposed it publicly.

The footballer alleges that his advisors were responsible for editing the video and its subsequent publication.

The rape complaint against Neymar was filed on August 8th by Judge Ana Paula Gomes de Moraes, head of the second domestic violence court in Santo Amaro, south of Sao Paulo.

The Prosecutor's Office alleged that the examinations made by the Legal Medical Institute had not shown signs of violence against the model and the responsible commissioner, Juliana Lopes Bussaco, said she had detected numerous contradictions in Trindade's accusations.

In her complaint, the 26-year-old model said that she travelled to Paris to have consensual sexual relations with the striker on May 15, but that, once in the hotel, she changed her mind at the last moment because the player did not have condoms, and that was when she was raped by the player

After her supposed attack, the young woman returned to Brazil ten days later, filed the complaint against the forward at a police station in Sao Paulo, who at that time was playing with the Brazilian National Team at the  2019 Copa América de Brasil.

The complainant handed the police a one-minute video in which she is seen to be hitting Neymar, while accusing him of assaulting her and leaving her alone at the hotel last night.

The model said that another six minutes of the same video contained images that would prove that the Brazilian star sexually assaulted her, but later alleged that they had stolen her cell phone on which the video was supposedly saved.



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