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Butland to miss for three months

Pin Butland gets taking away on a stretcher. AFP
Butland gets taking away on a stretcher. AFP

Butland to miss for three months

Jake Butland is likely to miss another three months, has confirmed his coach.

The Stokes and England goalkeeper hasn't played since his injury in March during a match against Germany, where he fractured his ankle.

His fans are waiting anxiously for his return but Mark Hughes revelaed that he will face in total a year without playing.

The 23-year-old underwent last week already an injury which should improve his recovery process.

"He's probably looking at two to three months. Hopefully we'll get him back before the end of the season. The story on the injury was that there were issues in the ankle in terms of the fracture, some were addressed and some weren't and some were missed," his coach Mark Hughes said.

"The fracture where the bone came away was clearly fixed but there was an underlying stress fracture that wasn't showing up on scans unfortunately and that explains the pain he was feeling.

"He shouldn't get any complications now. We now feel and everybody feels comfortable that the ankle is sound and the issue within the ankle has been resolved and now he just needs the bones to heal. Once they do he will be fine but it's going to be a long time and it's a year out of his career," he explained.

Melissa Rojas Tänzer

Melissa Rojas Tänzer

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