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A good day to play Messi

Pin A good day to play Messi. EFE
A good day to play Messi. EFE

A good day to play Messi

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With Luis Suárez and Dembélé injured, and Leo Messi recovered but not 100% and without preseason under his belt, Antoine Griezmann is emerging as the great offensive reference of Valverde against Betis. There are few times in Barça where you will have days like these, with the opportunity to be the star, which also forces you to take the step forward.

A lot was discussed regarding Messi's replacement and if the Frenchman would step up. This weekend he couldn't be in a better position: on the cusp of offensive team responsibility.

Valverde's star player has recovered, although he may not be able to play the full 90 minutes against the Betics. The question is: will he start at the beginning and then be replaced or will the coach reserve him and use tactically him in the second half?

The second possibility, for giving a different option to Messi, is the more plausible one. The Barcelona coach will have to recreate the attack with Griezmann as the point of call.

This means that all eyes will be focused on the former Atlético player, who is expected to lead the team, this is an opportunity to show his worth after a lot of criticism for faults and missed penalties. The balls will go for him, he just has the responsibility of dribbling, decisive passes etc...

In short, and saving the distances, he can be Messi for a day. He came to Camp Nou to be a more important part of the team and the match against Betis gives him an early opportunity to show this.

Although against Athletic the overall performance was low, when Griezmann started in San Mamés he had a very low performance. This second day, in addition, gives him the incentive of a home debut, which can even incorporate a plebiscite for how he performed with Barça the previous summer.

In other words: a large door opens for the striker. Being decisive against Betis and getting his first goals as a Barcelona player are prizes beyond imaginable this weekend.

Predictably, given the lack of players that are fit and the refusal to give the youth players some responsibility, Valverde could choose to change to a more traditional set-up, something that would also be the pearl of the world champion, which is still green in the new automatisms of the 1-4-3-3.



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