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End of match

End of match

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    FT: England 3-0 Cameroon. The game never really got going in itself, with England providing some good actions but overall remaining poor in terms of performance. Cameroon provided some considerable physicality to the game, but their emotions got the best of them and the VAR drama insued. Read all about it in our report to follow!
  • 97'
    The action is checked by VAR. Takounda is given a yellow card, but it should have been a red. Not a good day for the Cameroon girls.
  • 97'
    Terrible and unnecessary foul by Cameroon to end the game... The sidelines are kicking off.
  • 95'
    A game that has been defined by controversial decisions keeps on giving more to talk about... There have been more offsides than good passes.
  • 90'
    7 min of added time!
  • 88'
    Cameroon players are deeply frustrated and angry with how this game has gone... Rightfully so? Although their reaction has been unwarranted, some of the decision by the referees are dodgy at best, while others have been spot on... I wouldn't want the referee's job.
  • 85'
    Corner kick awarded to England, but it is quickly diverted by Cameroon.
  • 84'
    Another substitution for England, with Williamson in for Parris.
  • 82'
    What a chance! England could have made it 4-0, as even the goalkeeper was too far from comfort, but a last minute run by a Cameroon defender diverts the ball from making it into the net.
  • 77'
    Thankfully, the foul on Kirby only leads to a goal kick, which does not result in anything important. The Cameroon players would have caused a row if it had been anything but that.
  • 76'
    Another VAR decision at play... Could it lead to a penalty?
  • 74'
    England have not been very good at managing their energy throughout the tournament, but this has been considerably visible in today's performance.
  • 70'
    A tame kick into the box by Ngo Ndom, with England reacting appropriately. Not much at play currently.
  • 68'
    A string of messy actions by both Cameroon and England in the last few minutes. Missed shots, which have both been offside, and a lot of frustration from the Cameroon girls.
  • 64'
    A Cameroon corner is lifted into the box where Takounda attempts an overhead kick but she completely misses her shot and England clear the danger.
  • 63'
    White out, Taylor in for England!
  • 63'
    Substitution for Cameroon: Ejangue out, Sonkeng in!
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  • 55'
    The game has not fully gotten back on since that VAR mess. The players are visibly upset and both teams are struggling to get on with it.
  • 53'
    There are boos from the crowd. Takounda, seconds after coming on, latches onto a terrible backpass from Greenwood but Bardsley stays big and blocks the shot. Missed chance!
  • 48'
    And indeed, the goal is ruled out... The Cameroon players are very upset. It is kicking off on the sideline.
  • 47'
    The referees are checking if it is indeed a goal, which could add some controversy to the game...
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  • 45'
    HT: England 2-0 Cameroon. England deserve to be ahead because they clearly are the better team here, but this does not mean they have been very good. Cameroon have been pretty poor this first half, mainly just trying to kick England and disrupt play.
  • 45'
    Although there was a reasonable doubt behind the player's positioning in the field, VAR has done what VAR does: it has provided clarity on a problem. With the repetition showing that White was at least half a yeard onside, the goal is understandably given.
  • 45'
    The Cameroon team are refusing to restart the match, claiming the goal should not have been allowed. They have shouted at the ref and she has spoken to the captain who is explaining to her teammates why the goal was given...
  • 45'
    Insane scenes in Valenciennes. The Cameroon players are refusing to kick off after that goal, as both the staff and the players are seen arguing with the referee team.
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  • 45'
    The execution was not the best. with Duggan sending the ball straight out of play...
  • 45'
    Corner kick for England!
  • 45'
    Big delay in play while Estelle Johnson gets treated, but she is now back in the game!
  • 44'
    Ejangue performs an overhead kick to clear the ball from inside the area, much to the appreciation of the crowd. Johnson is down with an ankle injury after Kirby caught her...
  • 42'
    England is not playing their best football right now. The heat and Cameroon's physicality is getting the best of Houghton's team, despite her efforts to keep her team focused. Cameroon could take advantage of this performance drop...
  • 38'
    The lack of familiarity between players is showing. Not much chemistry in this game, despite the coaches' best efforts...
  • 35'
    Cameroon are slowing the game down with very physical football, which is causing some errors within the English team despite playing much better football. 35 minutes into the game, and the heat is indeed affecting the game!
  • 22'
    A lovely move from England ends with Duggan getting space on the edge of the box, but her shot curls just wide of the post.
  • 22'
    As the BBC reports, England have opened the scoring in the 14th minute in three of their four matches at the Women's World Cup... Lucky number?
  • 20'
    Yvonne Leuko, who is lucky to still be on the pitch, was shown the seventh yellow card by a Cameroon player at this World Cup - more than any other nation at the tournament.
  • 16'
    Was there a handball from the Cameroon defender? It's hard to tell without a replay. It doesn't go to VAR though, so the referee obviously didn't think so...
  • 15'
    A very odd sight to witness, as the entire Cameroon squad was on the goal line. Bottom right was probably the only place they could have put the ball. It was exactly where they needed to go. That was the only space they could have put it and fantastic from Steph Houghton.
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  • 13'
    England get a free kick! Cameroon's defense was abysmal and now England could make it 1-0 because of a possible handball...
  • 9'
    Cameroon are playing the physical football they have become known for, but the high temperatures and the Lionesses' quality might affect them later on...
  • 4'
    Parris tries to go round Leuko who whacks her elbow into the England winger’s face. She is booked, but nothing serious!
  • 3'
    England are looking to keep possession early on and they know they will have to do so throughout the game if they want their expected result... But the warm temperature might have a say in that.
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Start of match

Start of match

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    VAR has come to England's rescue and it provides the second goal! Cameroon players are not happy, and they are now refusing to kick off the last few seconds of this second half...
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    Four minutes of added time!
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    Both teams will have to battle the heat today, with the thermometer at 29 degrees...
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    The players have arrived and will be warming up shortly. 10 min to kick off!
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    This is the first time these two teams meet competitively!
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    And although the stats are stacked against them, Cameroon is not a team to be underestimated. Their recent performance against New Zeleand has some on high alert, and it's not the first time they reach the round of 16.
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    The Lionesses topped Group D thanks to wins over Japan, Argentina, and Scotland, and so have a favourable draw against Cameroon, who only won one match in Group E.
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    Meanwhile, Phil Neville's Lionesses have had a wonderful run this World Cup, all with expected results and no scares, which is what is expected of this afternoon's game.
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    After a dramatic win against New Zealand, Cameroon will be looking to once again demonstrate their quality and ambition much like any other team.
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    Cameroon starting XI: Ngo Ndom, Nchout, Leuko, Ejangue, Johnson, Aboudi Onguene, Feudjio, Yango, Awona, Enganamouit, Abam
  • PRVW
    England starting XI: Bardsley, Bronze, Houghton, Bright, Greenwood, Walsh, Scott, Parris, Kirby, Duggan, White
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    Line-ups to come shortly!


23 June 2019, 17:30

Referee: Qin L.

Stadium: Stade du Hainaut

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    Good afternoon and a very warm welcome to our live coverage of this last-16 clash between England and Cameroon, where both teams will be looking to make it into the next round!