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What's your question?
1. How many leagues are there and how different are they?
There are two different types: public and private leagues.
If you create a private one, only users that know the password will have access to it. Public leagues are open for any user who wants to be part of it.
2. How do my players get points?
After games, players will get points according to their actions and the teams results. Let's have a look at the chart:
  • Goal
    By goalkeeper: +10 pnts.
    By defenders: +8 pnts.
    By midfielders: +6 pnts.
    By strikers: +4 pnts.
  • Own goal
    All positions: -3 pnts.
  • Penalty scored
    All positions: +4 pnts.
  • Penalty failed
    All positions: -3 pnts.
  • Penalty stopped
    All positions: +4 pnts.
  • Assists
    All positions: +1 pnts.
  • Yellow card
    All positions: -1 pnts.
  • Red card
    All positions: -3 pnts.
  • Double card
    All positions: -2 pnts.
  • Played entire game
    All positions: +2 pnts.
  • Game won
    All positions: +20%
  • Tie
    All positions: +5%
  • Game lost
    All positions: 0 pnts.
3. How are my points affected according to the minutes a player plays?
If a player plays the entire game, he will get all the points of each event.
Points will be giving in the following way:
  • Against goals
    By goalkeeper: -1 point for each goal against.
    By defenders: -1 point for each goal against.
  • Game without goals
    By goalkeeper: +4 pnts.
    By defenders: +4 pnts.
    By midfielders: +1 pnts.
    By strikers: 0 pnts.
  • Substitutions - In
    This event will give points depending on the minutes played. For example, if a player has played 45 minutes, he will be awarded 1 point Percentage of the time played: up to +2 points.
  • Substitutions - Out
    Percentage of the time played: up to +2 points
4. Match day
When the game starts, the transfer market will get closed and no more changes will be done. Don’t forget that during the day, players’ points will be provisional and they will become official once the market is reopen.
5. What if I don’t have 11 players in my alignments?
If you don’t have 11 players when the transfer market is closed, you will score half of the points your players scored.
6. How can I know if players are injured or sanctioned?
The background of players on your list will turn red if they are injured or sanctioned. If you press on the player, you will know the exact situation he is in. You can also check that information through the “Players” section.
7. How many substitutions can I do every match day?
Only 3. I f you regret using the three of them, you can always “Reset substitutions” and your team will be as it was at the beginning of the day.
8. Why can I only sell 3 players a day?
We want to make sure you never have less than 11 players.
9. How does the price of my players go up or down?
It will depend on the points they get every day. You can always estimate it by checking the “Price progression” in player’s profile. If a player gets the points estimated, his price will change as expected.
10. Is it free?
BeManager is totally free. We have in-app purchases, but you will always be able to play for free and any extra items that can be bought will never effect your in-game experiance.
11. How can I invite my friends to join a league?
When you create a league, on the final page you have the option to share the link with your friends. You can share it by: email, message, Whatsapp, Telegram, Line, Facebook Messenger, ect. You can also send invitations on the league page if you go into the configuration setting. Bear in mind that the same link can work for any user, so if you want to play in a private league, don't publish the link on social networks.
12. Can I play in more than one leauge?
You can play in as many leagues as you want, with the same account.
13. How many members could a league have?
There isn't a limit! It doesn't matter if your group is 20 or 2000, the league will hold whoever joins.
14. Which leagues are available?
Right now the current leagues available are: La Liga BBVA, Liga Adelante, Premier League and Serie A. We are continuing to add more and more.
15. How does the points system work?
Depending on how the player performs (Goals, Cards, Minutes played, ect) the player will pick up points. Also a special valuation will be given by our editors. Right now players fom Serie A and Liga Adelante aren't given a valuation by our editors. But we are hard at work to bring you that soon!
16. Why aren't my teams appearing after logging in?
Make sure that you've logged in with the same email address that you used to register with. If you can't remember it you can get in touch with us at and we will try and help you further.
17. Why does my player have a valuation of 0.0 points?
If your player hasn't had a great game, it's possible that they wont receieve any points from our editors. Likewise our editors might give the player 0.0 points for their poor performance.

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