At BeSoccer we employ a CSR policy, according to which the well-being and happiness of our employees is fundamental.

Team building

Human capital is BeSoccer's main asset. We offer professional, motivating careers in a stimulating working environment. We pride ourselves on the promotion of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle and habits. Outdoor activities, team building and our on-site gym are just a few of the ways in which we see to achieve this goal.

  • Varied menu, with healthy options, three days per week.
  • All employees have a well-equipped gym available to them, with planned sessions and personal training available.
  • We have our very own leisure and relaxation zone to allow employees to disconnect and socialise during their downtime. Ping pong, table football, darts and PlayStation are among the activities available.
  • We organise outdoor sporting activities for employees and their families, thus forming cohesion and personal relations. Among the activities are: beach volleyball, paddle tennis tournaments, hiking, bike rides and rock climbing, along with many more.
  • As a result of our commitment to the encouragement and professionalisation of women's football, we have formed a team that trains and plays against other local sides that promote gender equality.
  • Internal events where the main objective is to enjoy oneself and have a good time with colleagues: Country retreat weekend, BBQ, screenings of important football matches with catering (Champions League and World Cup).

Social engagement

We work with the aim of adding extra value to different sectors and collectives via our technological and digital tools and the creation awareness-raising programmes about sensitive topics related to football: violence in sport, injury prevention, inclusive football, etc.

  • AMDDA: We support inclusive sport without barriers. We give media coverage to those with Cerebral palsy that compete in the National League. As well as being fine examples of desire and the virtues of sport, they are the only team of their kind in Andalucia.
  • AMFREMARr We undertake internal food collection campaigns for local community kitchens. We also encourage children with problems regarding social inclusion to play sport via sporting scholarships to football summer courses.
  • National 7-a-side team for people with Cerebral palsy: We promote paralympic football, in collaboration with the staff of the national team via social media and our website in order that people get too know more about "other types of football".
  • Málaga Shelters and the Moroccan Association: We organise football-based integration events in which the children of immigrants and employees of BeSoccer participate as part of the leisure and free time programme for young people with problems integrating.

We try to not only help in our own way, but also to involve other businesses, institutions and entities to participate in different programmes. As a result of this, we have developed partnerships with the Málaga CF foundation, CD El Palo, the School of Europe and the Málaga city council

Environmental engagement

We're very aware of the environmental problems that the planet has been suffering from in recent times. That's why we're working on the implementation of a system of sorting and recycling of waste in order to minimise the environmental impact and improve the sustainability of our company as well as energy-saving initiatives.