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Supporters in Madrid lock in chanting battle

Patrick Power by Patrick Power @rfutbol - 2 6,736

Real Madrid's team bus surrounded by chanting fans. Twitter

Supporters of both Real Madrid and Bayern Munich have taken to the streets of the Spanish capital in order to show their support for their teams by having a non-violent confrontation. Nobody wants to miss the incredible atmosphere ahead of the huge match.

Real Madrid's squad is already heading towards the Santiago Bernabeu to receive the last instructions from Zidane, before the second leg of the quarter-final begins.

On its way to the stadium, the team bus was surrounded by a sea of supporters eager to show the team their backing, and ready to strain their throats if necessary.



Bayern Munich supporters, on the other hand, have started to turn the city red, with crowds of German supporters heading towards the stadium, competing with the rivalling fans' chants.

A true contest between two great groups of supporters, and an example to football fandom worldwide, in anticipation to one of the biggest games of the season.



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