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"I imagine Messi lifting the World Cup"

Patrick Power by Patrick Power @rfutbol - 5 7,835

Messi has won everything at personal and club level, but not for Argentina.

Winning the World Cup is a defining aspect for great players. Messi came close in 2014, but glory with Argentina still eludes him. Argentina coach Edgardo Bauza has no doubt his team will succeed in Russia.

In an interview for 'La Nacion', in which he evaluated Argentina's options for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers, Bauza showed himself to be confident:

"When the World Cup is over, and we win, I don't know what I am going to do. In South America I won everything I played for. If I win the World Cup, there would be nothing left for me to win", he warned.

"I would not have the job if I cannot win the competition. Obviously, Argentina will play the final. I imagine against some European team, maybe Germany, and I can see Messi lifting the World Cup", he anticipated.

He also referred to Icardi, who has been left out again: "For me he is a good finisher, put he is not a player who partakes in the colective team play. Out of the three, Pratto is the best team-player, but Higuain holds the ball better against his opponent.Icardi is very dangerous in the final third, and more when he has the confidence he has now. But he is not a player that is going to be helpful in the build-up play and keeping possession".

When asked about Dybala, he deemed him as the national team's future: "In 2 or 3 years he is going to be an incredible player. I am going to bring him to the World Cup, but I can see he does not feel important... I always give him an important role, because for me he is a fantastic player", he declared.

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