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Griezmann: 'Barcelona or Madrid... Why not?'

Patrick Power by Patrick Power @rfutbol - 0 6,067

Griezmann spoke about his future. EFE/Archivo

Antoine Griezmann claims to feel very comfortable at Atletico Madrid and cannot see himself playing at another club right now. However, the possibility of playing for Spain's two biggest clubs is not off the table.

That was his answer when asked about the likelyhood of joining one of the Spanish giants: "Why not? It is a dream to play in the biggest clubs, and both of them are on top, just like Bayern and the English teams. It is a childhood dream".

Following those statements, he seemed to take a step back: "But in this country I do not see myself at Barcelona or Real Madrid. Or in a different country... I am in Spain, where it is very sunny. This helps, I need it to be happy in my personal life and to perform on the pitch. It is all related".

When referring to the Ballon d'Or: "It is complicated to fight for it while Messi and Ronaldo are still there. I prefer a collective trophy, because we spend the whole year going through good and bad times together. I would rather win the World Cup or the Euro's, and never get the Ballon d'Or, for example".

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